Boycott Parks Sabers

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Darth Lars

Master Member
When this thread was started, I was still waiting for stuff from Parks, that I had paid for two years before. That is why I did not ask to be put on this list back then -- I did not want Parks to get any silly excuse to withold my items indefinitely. I did eventually get them and I have not bought anything from Parksabers since.

To me, a boycott is about not giving the guy any more money -- nothing else. To not buy anything more from him and actively discourage others to not do it.
I see some people in this thread think that everyone who owns a Parks' replica should sell them. Then there are others who think that selling a Parks' replica second-hand is as bad as if Parks sold a new one himself .. Eh. What?
I think that, if I sell a "used" Parks saber, then perhaps that could prevent my buyer from buying one directly from Parks. If that is the case, then that would be better than keeping the item.
I will keep my Parks replica stuff that I have bought until I can find real (better) items that I can afford, if ever, and I refuse to feel bad about that.

If my position is acceptable in the views of those who run this boycott list, then please put my board name on the list!

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Fair enough, but it goes the other way too. Don't try talking for us or telling us that we should do something just because you think it is correct.

I also want to remind you that just because some of us don't think there should be a boycott does not mean we support Parks. I have not seen anyone who does not think Parks screwed GH big time.
I haven't told anyone to do anything, all i did was bump a thread to bring it to the attention of those that hadn't seen it.


Active Member
I just don't want to see an unscrupulous guy profit from my money. It's just that simple. Maybe he should have got a contract. Even if he did have one if it was in a different state it would probably cost him more than the cost of his sabre to enforce it.

Personally I don't see him giving him a percentage of his sales. That wasn't the deal. I do think it would be a darn nice gesture if Parks got him a replacement of what he lost especially now that his business is doing well.

The funniest part? All the guys that are so opposed to a boycott because it's old news or not their concern, keep bumping this thread to the top and are keeping it going. Ironic....


New Member
Actually, if you look at the history this thread was left alone for over 2 years. It was only brought back from the dead recently by someone else needing to make a public statement about boycotting Jeff Parks.

My take on the matter? Thanks for the info. That's about all I have to say.

Might I ask what is being done with this list? Did Jeff make GH a deal stating that after x amount of signatures he would change his mind and make things right? Because if not, this list means NOTHING. I could sign it right now and purchase a Parks replica if I wanted to without anyone here knowing. Of course, the opposite is also true. Leaving my name off this list puts me under no obligation to buy a Parks saber.

The point? If you have an issue, by all means bring it to light and educate the community. If someone violates the cardinal rules of the prop community I like knowing about it so that I can avoid transactions with them. However, putting my name on a list saying I will not buy from someone is something I will not do. It should be understood already that as a prop enthusiast I will do my best to stay away from dishonest people. Me telling you to put my name on the list has no more meaning than my simple ability to type a sentence.

I know it seems like I have taken a lot of time to type this up when I could have just bypassed it, but I wanted to make it known that not everybody who has steered away from this list is unsupportive. Some of us can make our own moral decisions quite well with or without a list.


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I'll go one further by God...


That should settle it.

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You GOT TO be kidding me.
No... YOU have to be kidding ME!

You just replied to a comment I made OVER 4 years ago. Welcome to the party, albeit nearly half a decade late!!

A boycott is a perfectly legitimate method of showing disapproval of a company's actions. When it originally went down(a LONG friggen time ago!), it was clear the actions of Mr. Parks were unacceptable, and resulted in him profiting greatly directly from this business transaction. What Jeff did was ethically wrong. I, and others, chose not to continue buying from him until the issue was resolved.

Perhaps I'm missing what's wrong with putting our money where our mouth is...

Whatever... :lol Battle on internet jockeys!

Art Andrews

Community Owner
Community Staff
This is an issue that is over 5 years old and has been well documented and noted. At this point, bumping the thread simply for the purpose of "informing new people" only serves to stir the pot on a dead issue. If new members want to know about either person involved in this debate, they can simply use the search function. If every member necroposted to routinely return long dead threads to the front page for new members to see, we would have nothing but necromancy on the site. As there is nothing new to say or any new information to be gained, we are locking this thread.
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