Bopping heads at Dragon Con!


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Sense it's never too early to start planning for Dragon Con 06, I was thinking of putting together a group... make that A GANG, for this year and am looking for interested recruits.

Being a big fan of the cult classic, The Warriors, I thought it might be cool to do one of the more memorable, (and favorite), gangs... The Baseball Furies.

It's a pretty straight forward baseball uniform with a leather baseball cap and bat. However, having a group with the different face paint configs. would be an awesome visual, I think. If you are interested in getting in on this project please PM me or post. I am already looking into getting the Furies logo printed on the back of the jerseys but I wanted to see what kind of interest there might be, (if any), in doing this before I started ordering uniforms and caps so everyone would match.

Again, if you're interested PM and, or post.

-B89. :D

nick daring

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Bunch of friends dig about five furies and five warrior costumes for an A-Kon in Dallas a few years ago.

Really fun except not many people knew who we were. This is a great year due to the release of the game.

Rumbling in the middle of a con is a blast and kinda pisses of the security.



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great idea...if i was going to dragon con i'd be all over this...though due to ny comiccon, wizard world, and (maybe) heroscon...another con is certainly not in the budget this year...skott