Boba Fett gun in vintage Dr Who?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by dcarty, Mar 19, 2006.

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    Greetings Gents,
    Knowing this place this is old news but I did a search to see if the topic had been posted any time recently and didn't come up with anything.
    Been on a vintage "Who" kick lately (seems like a lot of us have, must be the high bombardment of positive ions). I was watching "Revenge of the Cybermen" this morning and was looking at the guns used by the Vogans in episodes 2 and 3. One type looks just like a Webley flare pistol while the other looks like an original design based on the Webley barrel. Kind of like a carbine and rifle version of the same gun.
    Problem is, of course, you don't get a really good view of the "carbine" version (which seems to be carried by the squad leaders while the troops carry the rifle) to confirm or deny this. I don't have any way of getting screen caps from my VCR at the moment--sorry about that.
    So "Who" else has noticed this weapon??


    Dave C
  2. MaxPlague

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    Yep, looks like a Webley flare gun to me. Good spot. :)
  3. dcarty

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    Thanks for the screen-grab Max. It looked to me like there were at least three or four of the Webleys in use.

    Dave C
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    With the size of the barrel it probably made for easy conversion to fire squibs safely. Good eye, dcarty.
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    I found a "2001 a space odyssey" spacesuit chestpack in the Jagaroth spaceship in "City of Death". :D


    It shows up in "Blakes 7" as well as I remember...

    - k

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