Bloodsportstudios RECASTING my Webley on Ebay

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Sidewinder, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Sr Member

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    Hi all,

    Just a warning that this ebay member has recast my Webley kit and is selling them on Ebay - see item #6041340169. I got some close up pics sent to a buddy with an ebay account and you can see the unique marks etc. that are on my original Webley. They bought one of my kits using ebay ID josiepitbull which I now believe is a sockpuppet account. for this John/Glen Gillenwater or whatever they call themselves now.

    My ebay ID is sidewinder-forge.

  2. OdiWan72

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    Report this scumbag to ebay....

  3. Gigatron

    Gigatron Sr Member

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    That sucks :angry

    But I really love this line from the auction This rifle comes Already assembled using epoxy and metal pins so it cannot be disassembled by recasters with out being severly broken.. How about that, a recaster afraid of recasters.This world never ceases to amaze me.

  4. Lawgiver

    Lawgiver Well-Known Member

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    Any comparison photos of the two kits and tells?
  5. GundamZeppelin

    GundamZeppelin Sr Member

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    That sucks, it makes me kind of a scared to put out my own stuff seems like more and more recaster pop up everyday. The 2 kits look about the same to me, your work is amzaing
  6. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Sr Member

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    Here's some provenance pics:

    Closer pic of his auction piece:

    My original webley:
    Breech area:

    Grip plate:

    His stock plate greeblies pic from #6036664248 (maybe copied from someone else):
    Hard to see the indents on such a small pic but if you blow it up, even with pixelation you can see em.

    My original stock:

    He has even set the auction so that if you do a search using the webley doesn't appear.

  7. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Sr Member

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    I have, whether or not they'll do anything is anyone's guess.


  8. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden Well-Known Member

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    Bloodsportstudios was banned from TDH on 11-29-05 for having a sock puppet account.

    Shortly after, he tried re-registering with the following user names: bobaanddarth and bobafettgirl.

    He recently tried to register using a proxy under the name "vadersgiftedboy."

    Just an FYI.
  9. Apollo

    Apollo Legendary Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Man it has been a busy year for these scumbags.

    Sorry to hear this Sidewinder.
  10. kurtyboy

    kurtyboy Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I've dealt with him before. He lied to me about some items I was interested in thinking I was just some dumb SW fan with little knowledge who would buy based on his word.
  11. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Sr Member

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    Got a response from Ebay, it doesn't exactly fill me with hope...
    "Dear Simon,

    Thank you for writing back to eBay. My name is Daphne and I am happy to
    assist you further with your question concerning another member using
    your photo. :confused

    We have reviewed the eBay member(s) you have brought to our attention
    and taken the appropriate action. It is important to bear in mind that
    not all actions we take are visible to the reporter or may not be
    visible immediately. However let me assure you that we fully investigate
    each report and take the necessary action.

    Breaches of eBay's policies can lead to consequences that range from
    issuing the seller an informational alert, ending the listing(s), moving
    the listing(s) to a more appropriate category, a temporary suspension,
    an indefinite suspension or terminating the membership.

    I understand that you want to know what action we may have taken on the
    seller's account. However, for reasons of privacy I cannot disclose any
    further information to you. This is for the protection of all eBay

    We appreciate your vigilance in helping us to keep inappropriate
    listings off eBay.

    Again, I want to thank you for your report and keeping eBay a safe and
    fun place to trade.


    Daphne Maltravers
    eBay Community Watch Team "

    Good grief. :unsure

  12. Clutch

    Clutch Master Member

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    Zoinks. Using your photo.?
  13. kurtyboy

    kurtyboy Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Unfortunatelly for us, RPF recasting rules don't apply to ebay. In their eyes you don't hold any rights over the Webley. To them, he's just ripping off something that you ripped off.

    It would probably take a complaint from the Webley copyright/patent holder before they did anything about it.
  14. Sluis Van Shipyards

    Sluis Van Shipyards Master Member

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    As usual, that eBay reply means that as long as the scum make eBay money, they don't really care unless it it illegal (and could get eBay in trouble). :angry

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