Blair Witch Project props photographed at original filming locations.


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I was absolutely in love with the Blair Witch Project when it came out in 1999. I only found out a few years ago that I live about 15 minutes away from the primary filming location in Seneca Creek Park in Maryland.


It took quite a bit of time to research and obtain, but I finally got a RCA Pro 8mm, the same model of camcorder used in filming, and a copy of the book "How to Stay Alive in the Woods" (which appears on screen for about a second at the beginning of the movie. My son and I built our own bundle of sticks with flannel shirt scraps and blood splatter. We took that and a boom mic to Black Rock Mill, part of Seneca Creek Park in Germantown, MD. We walked along a path towards Coffin Rock, but used a spot right across the stream from the rocks where they interviewed the fishermen in the film. We left the bloody bundle of sticks for the next hiker to find.


Then over New Year's we spent a few days at an AirBNB in Harper's Ferry. Dec 31st was particularly foggy so we ventured over to Burkittsville and visited the Cemetery from the film. We found several of the headstones visible in the movie, and -respectfully- took a few more photos with the camcorder.


To prep the camera for the shoot, I sanded off all of the logos on the body and leather hand strap. I had a chance to take photos of the screen used camera in Seattle at the MoPoP.

Unfortunately the camera I got was non-functioning. I'd love to one day get a functioning one and do some filming at these locales, with that camera.
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I remember when Germantown Md WAS the literal “boonies” back in the 70’s, man how things have changed

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