Blade Runner!

Yeah, I'm digging that. To my knowledge, there's really no better reference material for that bottle, other than what you're looking at.

Your design fits right into the Blade Runner universe, imo.
Thank you very much, gentlemen!

I didn't go through my copy of The Final Cut to see if this appears in Deckard's Esper scene...
Well, I do have a couple ideas I would like to manufacture and sell for actual money, but that's a ways off in the future.

I will advice you all that the 25th of June is the 33rd anniversary of BR, so get to your party preparations :)

Comment by Tom Southwell on some of the more obscure logos:

"Aggie was designed for gaffer Richard (Aggie) Agular a lighting gaffer and partner of cinematographer Laslo Kovaks. (PaperMoon, Woman In Red, Radio Flyer, and a hundred others) just another logo pulled from my book to "busy up" BR. Nancy logo for my mom, Fritz Strasser was head of hiring prop men at Paramount in 1973, hired me to work on The Godfather Part II."

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