Limited Run Blade Runner Whiskey Glasses by Magnoli Props

The Sweatshop

Well-Known Member
I'm checking with the factory, but I believe these will be lead-free crystal. We've never shipped anything quite so fragile, so fingers will be tightly crossed!

As for measurements, if there is an overwhelming preference for a slightly taller glass, let us know. I'm not sure what kind of tolerance there is in measurements... this is all a bit of a learning curve for us too.
Id have a preference for the older style if members can confirm that older glasses have different dimensions than more recent runs.

nick daring

Master Member
Interesting to hear that the design has slightly morphed over the years!

Goinf with the taller style would totally differentiate this run from what is already available on the market while also being technically being more accurate to what was probably used on set in 1982.

Too cool.

Indy Magnoli

Master Member
Here is the revised model using updated measurements, taller overall with a thicker base:


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