Blade Runner Blasters . . . with Scopes!


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I've recently finished a few builds I've been tinkering with on and off for a long time. I'm getting close to finishing a big scope project that has been in the works for years. While doing that I was teaching myself to use fusion 360. I did a few scope project recreations and original ideas to cut my teeth on.

One of the first I recreated, and one of the more simple ones was the Bushnell Phantom scope used most famously by Snake Plissken in Escape From New York.

I printed a "draft" version of the scope, just to see it. That draft then sat in a box for a few months, until I wondered . . .


This is the very first blade runner item I ever 3D printed, years ago, the wide bolt handle blaster from Andrew Forster

It also sat in a box unfinished for a long time. But this past summer I decided it needed to be completed. But I wanted it to look custom.


I made several grips for this one, including grips that mock up a nice wood grain. I really enjoy painting wood grain. It's a fun technique.

Then, I had this beat to crap blaster in a box that I originally built out for a BR NYC fan film that never happened. It was supposed to be something found on the street after a shootout and went from criminal to criminal until a replicant in hiding found it and fixed it up and added the scope.


For this one I used some weaver hardware I have been saving from something cool. I modelled the scope in fusion 360, based loosely on an old Edison Giocattoli toy scope design that was never put into production, but can be seen on some of the old ads for the EG 422 and 450.


After that I needed to go back to a blaster that you may have seen before. My steampunk snubby. After being packed and repacked and bouncing around through many moves it needed some love. So I refit the laser sight on top, fixed a couple screw holes that had stripped out, and did some repainting to add a little more wear and tear.

The wood grips on this one are real. This was built long before I could do what you see above.



After years of collecting blade runner blasters, throwing some optics on them can be interesting and fresh for me. I've always enjoyed variant stuff anyhow.

More pics soon!

If you have blade runner style blasters modded with scopes, or optics, or lasers post them here! I would love to see what other blaster fanatics might have come up with.


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Good stuff Noeland (y) (y) :cool::cool: I prefer the second one; it seems, to me, that the first scope is a bit too big for the gun (my 2 cents;))
I think that the weapon could have a different sight like the Wasp of Avatar?
I’m digging these! Is the snub CO2? Looks like the thingy that pierces the cartridge on the bottom of the grip just wonderin’? Beautiful craftsmanship on all of them!
I’m digging these! Is the snub CO2? Looks like the thingy that pierces the cartridge on the bottom of the grip just wonderin’? Beautiful craftsmanship on all of them!
No that's a Lemat lanyard loop from Pietta. It's an old Rick Ross resin kit that I added a ton of stuff to.

Easy to think it's a Co2 charger though. I actually own several Co2 guns and have considered building one out as a BR style blaster.

10 or 12 Years ago I co-designed and then built a few custom revolvers for the game 4 Horsemen, from Vogster Games, which ended up becoming a comic book instead. I build them for Tim Bradstreet and Mike Kennedy and they ended up being used for the photos Tim takes to draw from. Matsuo did the holsters for us.

Anyhow, those were built on denix schofield frames, and I ordered 4 Lemat style lanyard loops to install on them. Those arrived very late, so the guns didn't have them installed until well after the photo shoots were done. But the 2 guns and the holsters now live in Vogsters lobby on display I do believe.

I had a few extra lanyard loops so I installed one on this guy. I've always thought lanyard loops were pretty cool looking.

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