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I do not know what else to do so I am asking you for any information about
dealing with Paul Francis. Recently I bought a large Total Recall prop from Paul on ebay.
His feedback was perfect and we had good communication.
The box was sent around 60 days ago by airmail but is not here and there is no trackingnumber. I did ask Paul to put a low value on the box to avoid taxes but had no idea that this would mean it would not get a trackingnumber. He had no trouble with that and said I would get a number so I could trace the box in case it gets lost. Only have gotten a Us Customs number after 50 days from Paul that I cannot trace.

I was under the impression that the box should be here within 3 weeks and am now fearing I will not see it. Paul will refund money what he gets from the insurance but that is way lower than the final price. Paypal does not help because 45 days have past. Have filed a complain at Ebay. I still hope I am wrong here and that something else has happened to my prop and that it will show up. I never had any other troubles before like this.

I do not want to trash Paul here but what are the experience here with Paul Francis?

Greetings from the Netherlands,


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Bas, when something is shipped to overseas regular airmail it could take up to 60 days to recieve your item. Customs typically holds the item in the UK for a very long time and until it is released cannot track it. Also you can't make a claim on it until after 60 days since they know it takes so long. I sent a Fett helmet to Kurty and thank god he was very patient and understanding and trusted me but he received his helmet about 70 days after I shipped it. If you request no insurance and no tracking you have no one to blame but yourself no matter who you bought it from. Your item was shipped per my conversation for you to him. If item arrives I would suggest posting something positive.


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If you didn't know about Paul, he was Banned a while ago:

Aug 13 2003, 02:16 AM

PaulF2000 has been banned permanently from the RPF for the violation of Sections 14 and 15 of the ROM.

For his questionable behavior towards members of the RPF and association with a member of the RPF who is infringing upon a copyrighted item, as well as damaging the abilities of a fellow RPF member to produce and sell that item as the License holder.

These combined actions are enough for the Administration to feel that he did not heed a warning given to him on Aug. 01, 2003.


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He did me wrong as well. Says he'd come thru for me's been over a year. I won't hold my breath.



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PF has been banned from the RPF for a couple of years now... it would be better if you communicated with him directly.
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