Black Mirror Is Back !

Joan is Awful is one of the better episodes. Over all this season was 2 hits and 3 misses. I think at times they try too hard, explore unoriginal topics/ tropes, events are predictable and suspension of disbelief doesn't always happen in places it should for particular stories to work.

I was annoyed at myself for being off put by things like the magically "ironclad" user agreement in Joan Is Awful and yet being ok with the insane premise of the story. Demon 79 was a lot of fun for the majority, the demon was hilarious and it just worked although the ending was a weak point. The other three were meh TBH. I did really like the premise of Beyond the Sea but it wasn't executed well IMO and had an obvious ending. We really don't need another predictable serial killer and another crazy paparazzi story. Twists don't do much when you see them coming a mile away.

I love the original Twilight Zone. This show is the best example of a modern take on it that I've seen, although more contenders would be welcome. Even the worst Black Mirror episodes are better than the recent Twilight Zone reboot.
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I've always had problems with Black Mirror. I've always found them either really predictable or really sloppy, one is tedious while the other is frustrating. The tones alternate from "clearly grumpy old man complaining about social media, kids and ther viddy games; go outside!" to something that was a rough draft of an idea now retro-fitted to contain some kind of tech weary message. The former often comes off to me as misguided and condescending, while the latter I find more enjoyable than the former comparatively, but equally unfulfilling as those stories tend to draw its premises out too thinly, or sabotages itself to make some of kind of some ham-fisted message.

"San Junipero" was the show's most lauded and talked about story, and rightly so because its core conflict was actually interesting and executed fairly well. However, what killed me was how the resolution to that story completely sucked the air out of the conflict; the propelling drama that carried the entire thing up until it ended was completely neutered. It did so just to make an arbitrary cynical statement because that's just what the show's template is. It did not know when to leave.

My favorite of all the series is still "Crocodile." I really like that story because it's simple, clearly told, and the best part: the tech is just a tool. It's not some contrived, high concept idea to ram some moral quandary through, it's just something that exists and people use it for a purpose. It's not a catalyst for the story and themes, the characters are that and the tech is just ancillary. The story ends with a silly twist but that kept it fun rather than just being miserable and tedious like so much of the show is to sit through, and it hit that balance for me.

Of the newest handful of stories, I think I liked "Loch Henry" the most only because I liked the dialogue for much of it. Par for the course, the story's greatest fault is that it clearly telegraphs the twist much too early on and the thematic conflict is heavy-handed. "Beyond the Sea" comes second, and then "Demon79." Former had an interesting premise, just a bit thin for something 80 minutes long; the latter is fun but I wish it stuck with it being like an English b-movie from the 70's that it immediately opened as. Funny enough, it felt like a comic prequel to Threads in a weird sort of way. The other two did nothing for me. The greatest problem I had throughout all of these has got to be the use of English slang and vernacular in the dialogue. These stories take place across different time periods but the cadence of the patter between each episode was indiscernible; everyone spoke in the same annoying "modern" rhythm.

Much like the others have said, I'm a bit "meh" about it. Then again, I've been "meh" about Black Mirror for what feels like forever now.
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