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I joined here a while ago after seeing deadbolt's topic here and was so interested in completing my own mask. I did and it turned out very well. I wore it during an anime convention earlier this year and decided my next costume would be Sander Cohen. This meant to make another mask.

While in the process of doing so, I decided that I might as well continue my awesome adventure of printing, cutting, folding and glueing the other splicer masks. I don't have any photos with work of progress (I'm still working on them, haven't taken any photos) but I'm to the point where I'm brushing resin onto all the masks before fiberglass is applied.

I've been meaning to post here with my first mask's progress but each time I did, the site erased all my typed up words. Below is how it turned out. Everyone at the convention complimented to me about how official it looked, as if I purchased it from the creators of Bioshock, haha. There is a huge drawback though - it does weigh a lot. I got around this by dealing with it during my 12-18 hour days during the weekend there. The weight can't be avoidable.

I plan on finishing the next masks before this year ends due to weather. I'm exicited to be working on this again and not feeling so rushed. I know what to do now in otherwords instead of stalling like I did with my first mask.

Masks as followed:
  • Sander Cohen's mask
  • Bunny mask (clean)
  • Bird mask
  • Cat mask
  • Butterfly mask
Due to guidelines and in general, I don't plan on selling any of them as these are for collection purposes so please don't PM me or ask if interested.

Let me know what you think.
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Looks great!!!!

Only thing I would add to it is a crackle finish. It'd make it look pretty old, and more like porcelain.

Hell of a job on it!


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Thanks guys. That crackle finish isn't a bad idea at all and the blood was totally your idea deadbolt so thank you once again. You were right, it wasn't as easy to mix the two liquids together, haha.

For it to look a little old - I layered the crap out of the mask with Varathane clear coat matte which gave it a dull look and to protect it from the rain since earlier it rained on and off. That picture there was before I sprayed anything onto it. There's myself in character.

I'll post up the other masks when I'm finished with them. Hopefully it'll be in the next couple of weeks.

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During Halloween Target has a bunch of masks that looked like they came right out of the game, even had the cracked porcelain look . (cat, butterfly, long nose, etc)

Sadly I didn't get any since they where $13 each and sold out fast.
I'm hoping they will have them again this year.


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Looks fantastic. I will be doing this for Halloween. One daughter wants to be a bunny splicer and the other wants to be a little sister. The both want me to be either Big Daddy or Project Omega.


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Totally stalled with working on these. It's been since September when I last touched them and finally had good weather for resin and bondo work to be done. I managed to add one more bunny splicer (middle) to the collection so I have a total of six. It is smaller (scaled to size so maybe it'll fit more properly than my first one, who knows.


They need a lot of sanding to be done which is the last hard part to finish. What really sucked was that I didn't bother comparing them to my first mask; they were too wide and flat so what I did was put them in the oven for a few minutes to the point where they're malleable by hand. I know, not safe whatsoever but it worked.

I'm just rushing to get two bunny and that awesome bird one done. The others can wait. I'm so much closer to being Sander Cohen. Just one more month until Anime Central.
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Well it's time for a major update!

The convention is coming up pretty damn fast now and this is usually the time I end up over spending on last minute items to finish my costumes' details. I'm a perfectionist and it sucks since it's an awful habit but I'd rather have something look great than half-assed.

The color for the shoes wasn't hard to find but I still managed to go through so many paints to find the right one and sadly it turned out to be an acrylic waterbased paint being the right shade. Painting leather with acrylic paint is a no-no. I took a chance, experimented and to play it safe I have two pair painted identically if anything were to happen to either or. In my opinion they came out very nicely. The one to the left is sprayed with a gloss.


The tailcoat tuxedo is all fitted and was tailored but sadly I will not be ruining it for this character. It was kind of pricy and goes against what I said about half-assing but trust me - if you saw how it looked, you'd not ruin it either. I guess I will be a very clean splicer lol But here's a reference photo as to what he looks like if no one knows.


The mustache was a problem I had to figure out sooner than later. I don't have a problem growing mine out but I have another costume I'd like to cosplay as - Greedling from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood; a character without facial hair. I would have felt it'd be a horrible waste to grow out a handlebar mustache then shave it off so I bought a fake one and styled it as close to Sander Cohen's. Solves both problems right there. I was going to trim it since it looked weird at first but as you can see it came out pretty nicely without doing so. Got2b Glued is so useful.



I've always wanted a self tie bow tie. It's honestly a lovely piece and definitely looks better over the pretied ones. You feel so much more accomplished tieing it yourself after struggling how, haha. So worth it. The very last piece is the rose. Boom. Costume near complete.

And now for the masks.

Out of the six masks I last showed, I managed to finish only two; the two that I mainly want for the year at least. With two weeks left, I have no choice but to put the other ones on hold. I didn't run into any problems with these besides for what I mentioned in my post earlier - warping. Surprisingly it's been a little over a month and there hasn't been a sign of them warping back though I'm sure I should wait it out longer. Worse comes to worse they'll crack. Good things usually don't last forever!

The bird splicer turned out much better than I thought but it lacks the realistic look of a bird. Nevertheless, it's much more fancy than other bird masks I've seen, which look like huge dongs as beaks. Seriously? Bigger isn't better when it comes to that lol All it needs is blood work to be done.


And finally, the finished product of my new costume, Sander Cohen's mask sided with my very first splicer mask.


The one thing I don't like is the clear coat I used. Even satin still gives a shine, the one thing I did not want on either mask but I need to deal with it. They need to be protected somehow.

Overall I'm real excited to wear these new masks along with the clothing. I'm planning on updating my first splicer costume from what I photographed last year in an earlier post to something like this picture here:

I'm not sure if a character with a full white tuxedo was in the game but it's just so classy looking and I have an extra white tuxedo laying around to ruin.

Hope you guys enjoy this update as much as I have to share it.
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