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With any luck something like this will turn into the bio for my "hopeful" elder costume. Using Predatrhuntr's AVPR template I roughed out this side profile.


Heres the full template. I started roughing in the front profile but it gives the general idea. Ill post more as I work on it.


Small story for my elder, hes a beast master. He tends to the creatures that his clan captures whether breaking them into beasts of burden or conditioning them for hunting (or being hunted ;) ) He'll have furs and his cape, spear and a whip etc. Since my sculpting skills are neglegible (read : i dont have any) ill probably have to get this custom made. C&C encouraged. This is my first time ever drawing a non traditional bio.
Nice work so far. I'd recommend competing all the three different angles so that you have a very good idea of how it will look in 3D form. Keep at it!
not sure this is the right thread to ask this question but since it pertains to this particular bio i figured why not.

Sticking with this bio is there a certain type of mask I should look for when I start my suit? Ive been told the Termokk 3.0 masks wont work (which sucks because they are gorgeous)I just dont know what to look for in the market. Is there even anyone casting masks that will work or would it have to be custom.

oh ya got more stuff roughed out in the different views, ill post em tonight
cool design... ever mess with sculptris? that's a free digital sculpting program so you could spin your design around... good for concept art like this.
I have, Ive got maya, mudbox and Zbrush. Ive been thinking about making the base mesh in maya and then exporting it to one of the other two to play with. Now that im out of school for the winter i might give it a shot.

Heres some more roughing in I did


Its still a concept but im really liking how its turning out. as far as feasability on a mask goes i dont know.
thnx, im really hoping it will work out and ill be able to get it made. if not ill probably go with something like a celtic bio but im gonna do what I can with this first
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