Bio Collection *brother Boar Lenses Installed* Updated 20120826


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So I got 2 more helmets today and was really excited. I got a Hez P2 and a small P1(unknown maker). Just thought I would let you all see my helmets. I dont have the kind of amazing ones people see on here, but I like them. I dont know who made the celtic, wolf, or molded my carnage one I made. They are all for show. I plan on adding lenses to the wolf and celtic as well as LEDs for all that dont have them (P2 already in when I got it).


Now I am debating about the P1 helmet. I was thinking about just painting it up like the classic, but the wife suggested I do another custom paint job like I did on carnage. What do you guys think? Please let me know

I am going to give the wolf a fresh paint job to change the color. It is a weird green color, and I want it to be the grey.
Oooh, you've got that weird little green Wolf bio! I saw one of those for sale in a local geek shop ('price on request') and wondered where it was from. I'd never seen that one before and now two in one week, that thing must be stalking me...

You should definitely go for a classic paintup on the P1, I think, and I'd love to see the Wolf repainted as well. Nice little collection, I should start one really.
Small update on the helmets. I added the lens to my small Celtic. I think it defiently makes a difference.

Another small update. I finished the repaint of the small wolf mask and added some mesh and lenes. I am debating if I want to do it again or not. I think I might have gone over board with the weathered look. Im not completly unhappy with it, but still debating. Give me your opinion if you all dont mind. Thanks for looking

Well, ya did Carnage, so why not Venom? Also, that green Wolf bio can be found on and Usually they go for between $15.00 and $20.00 depending on the sale. They also make a Celtic one.
I actually want to do a venom one to go with it. Yeah I think that is the whole seller on amazon I got my small wolf and celtic from. They dont look bad, especially for the price. They are just a little small
Ordered a boar from Gene and got it today. I freaking love this thing!! I will post an updated pic when ever I get it painted and lenses installed. Thanks again Gene. I am definitly sticking with bios from the lair, all the ones I got so far are mind blowing!!

Your welcome buddy. You got one of the first NEW castings using a new Stronger Resin. It is stronger than most of what other helmets are made of.

I am trying to find a balance of strength with filler. So that the castings are uniformly thick but also STRONG.

How do you plan on painting it?
More then likely I will go with the gray and gold color scheme. The wife says she likes the worn gold color of the brother boar more, but Im not sure since that helmet has some different designs in the mold. She actually still wants me to make an azrael style helmet lol
Man that's badass! Nice collection bro! I can't wait for my Boar from Gene to get here(hopefully tomorrow).

Gene are you casting them with something similar to Smooth Cast 65D? I made a Mortal Kombat mask out of the 65D and I can't break it. lol
Man that's badass! Nice collection bro! I can't wait for my Boar from Gene to get here(hopefully tomorrow).

Gene are you casting them with something similar to Smooth Cast 65D? I made a Mortal Kombat mask out of the 65D and I can't break it. lol
Thanks. You will be super happy with your boar, I know I am!
So my collection has grown a little more and I didnt see any reason to make a new thread. I recently got a brother boar (might be genes, looks like a biohunter. Not really sure) and a gort (unknown maker) second hand for a steal and Im super excited. The gort is warped, which I was told about prior, but from everthing I have read it should be an easy fix. The brother boar got a little warped sitting on my porch in 106 degree weather for awhile. Im a shift worker and was a sleep when delivered. Unfortunately while I was trying to use the hair dryer to bend it, I got a little ahead of myself and cracked a part of it. Lucky for me I have some extra resin from my armor parts, and it should be an easy fix. I am also going to revisit my boar bio and give it a black wash and resealing. I will update you all when I get these bad boys painted. I should be getting a bone crawler in the mail from quake soon too, which I also got super cheap. What can I say, Im a bargin hunter lol. Thanks for looking, and any advice is always appreciated.



Decided to add a pic of the boar so you could see what I was talking about, and my bane paint up just to include it in this thread (since it is a part of the collection that is)
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Got the black wash on the boar helmet done tonight. What do you guys think? As always thanks for looking.
I had a warped gort too, just heat it and bend it, mine was warped and cracked but if you see it now you wont notice
So I finally got around to finishing up the repairs on the gort bio. I am pretty happy. Got the massive warping on the right check back down, and the warping on the left part of crown straightend nicely. After I finished that up I added some of my left over resin from my suit armor to touch up the craking around the edges. After the was sanded down I took a green scruby and some alcohol and rubbed off a lot of the old paint. I have to try and find some hoses for the snout, and once I get those I will prime and paint this bad boy up. If there are any spots you guys notice that I might have missed please let me know. Thanks for looking and hopefully it will be painted up soon.


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I got the tubes installed on the gort, and started painting it up. I ran out of the aluminum colored paint, so thats on hold for now.

I got my dirt cheap bone crawler today, and was thrilled (got a nice mini bio and dread beads too :D your the man Jonathan). I have to say that the pics for this guy does not do it justice. It looks great on pics, but even better in person. Working overnights, the box was chillin on my front porch for who knows how long, and 110 degree weather is not nice on resin. I am going to take it to work tonight and hopefully get a chance to give it a blast with the heat gun. I want to narrow the checks a little, and bring the peak on the crown down. After that, it will fit my beserker mask like a glove! Not sure how I want to go about painting up yet, have to think about it.
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Badass William! Glad it made it! Sucks that it sat it the heat like that!! A little more heat and it will be good as new. I think I might have to start packing my Bios with cold packs in the summer months. The heat is ridiculous!! Alternatively to a using a heat gun , you could also run hot hot water over it. I shape warped resin that way sometimes because I have a little more control over it.

Can't wait to see the paint up and Yes it does fit a Berzerker mask very well. (y)
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