Better than wood filler


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So I really like the elmers wood filler paste.. It's easy and sandable ..ect.... Is there anything else like it but better ? Just seeing if there is a bigger better deal I am missing ?


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I like the Durhams water putty. You can mess with the mixture to manipulate it. You can make it thicker to coat it on foam to act as a body filler type. You can make it real liquidy for pouring into molds for basic shapes and small parts.


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it depends on what you are filling.

i love that elmers stuff too. i also use bondo, bondo glazing putty, freeform air, apoxie sculpt and plumbers epoxy, depending on what i need (speed, volume, working time, etc...)


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PC Woody. Found at Grainger, Ace Hardware and other places I'm sure. It's a 2 part sandable, stainable, paintable wood filler epoxy. Not water based so no shrinkage.

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