Best way to bend a D-ring?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Banquo Fett, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Banquo Fett

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    How do you all put in your D-rings? Do you widen the gap then slide it into the drilled hole, or do you bend one side forward, slide it through, then bend it back down?

    Mine always look deformed... :confused
  2. Atin_TX6203

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    Make sure the hole is drilled to the correct diameter, then spread the D ring apart and using a channel lock or something that will apply pressure evenly on both sides, close it in.
    Another way is to fashion a little tool that will hold the shape when you squeeze the ends together.
    I make my own rings for the blaster I do, If you want I can try to explain it, or take a pic of it and you can modify it if you want.
    Let me know :)
  3. Banquo Fett

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    would you? It would really help. Not sure what a channel lock is either...
  4. ATL Kenobi

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    Avalon X

    I took some pictures when I drilled my 2-piece AS handwheel and added the D-ring. I believe it looks OK. However, being a "newbie", I'm not suppose to post pictures for my first 90 days. Would you like for me to email them to you?

  5. JunkSabers1138

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    I would like to know more about this too. I too am a newbie and I ALWAYS screw up the drings when I bend them. My most famous example is my scratch-built Obi-Wan ROTS/ANH style saber which I call my Darryn Starkiller lightsaber that has the D-ring's hump leaning over to one side. This mistake is irreversable as I'd have to destroy the back end of the saber to get the d-ring out and bend it again. Any info on how to avoid this mistake in the future would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
  6. jamiemp

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    i know that this thread is kind of old but i just started 2 romans obi sabers and i did the d-rings first. i found this way pretty easy.
    stick a pair of needle nose pliers in the dring closect to the flat side. open the pliers to open the ring this slowly.
    once you get it wide enough to fit in the pommel, fit it into the hole(predrilled on the romans handwheel)
    then get a channel lock and squeeze it together slowly until the ends meet. this kept my d-ring shaped like its supposed to be. i did two with this method and it came out great.
    also for those afbb saber builders who dare not put a scratch on the parts, use some cloth tape like from first aid kits to line the d-ring a couple wraps over, at least on the corners where the channel lock grips the ring. also if you wish, where the pliers push out when opening the ring. i found this tape to work leaves some residue but nothing some googone cant fix.
    hope this helps
    ...hope i explained it well so you guys understand :p
  7. Atin_TX6203

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    Sorry about the delay in getting back to you on the dring bend tool I use. I could not find this thread until someone posted again..

    Anyway I have to wait till my 90 day period is up before I can post pictures, links and stuff, you know how it is.

    Anyway as soon as I can post pictures I will do so, sorry...
  8. Serafino

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