Best sources for 89 armor, price vs quality


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I picked up an original Morris Costumes 89 Batman set, and some of the parts are pretty usable for what I need. The cowl, gloves, and feet are pretty decent. The chest is a piece without shoulders and there is no cod. I am looking for a decent quality shoulder and chest peice and cod for a decent price. Quality wise, I'm flexible.


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I have both urethane and latex, and to be honest the latex is so much more workable as in repair and finishing.
the set I have is made by Artsee1 and looks based on the Bob Dullem scult.... it will need refining and finishing
so only buy if you want to put a bit of work in..also the legs are wrap around so you can custom fit to yourself.
only one point to take the chest piece is wide at the shoulders so will need padding out if your not a broad shouldered
NFL player.
hope that helps.
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