Best movie airsofts?


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Hey everyone,
I was thinking about getting some airsofts and want to know some models that are recognizable as movie weapons. I noticed there are a lot of sources for tomb raider two-tone usp pistols, so maybe I 'll get a pair of those. I was also thinking about a black USP with silencer from Tom Cruise's Collateral. I don't want to miss any memorable ones, so if you guys could list as many as possible, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


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I have several airsoft versions of movie firearms, bought purely for display (and occasional handling :) ).

I live in Japan and, when I get frustrated by the hassle and cost of importing replicas from the States, I remind myself that there are some advantages (from a collecting standpoint) to living here -- for example, being able to purchase airsoft pieces like these easily, and without the orange barrel plugs. :D

Here are some of the pieces in my collection with which I am most happy:

Hudson: Mad Max Sawed-Off Shotgun (from THE ROAD WARRIOR, a.k.a. MAD MAX 2)
Marushin: M1887 Shotgun (the "Rosebox" shotgun from TERMINATOR 2)
Marushin: COP .357 ("Leon's Gun" from BLADE RUNNER)
Tanaka Works: S&W M29 .44 Magnum (from DIRTY HARRY)
Tanio-Koba: VP-70M (USCM pistol from ALIENS)

Hudson also makes a chrome-barrel version of Max's sawed-off shotgun, as seen the original MAD MAX (it's a "model gun" rather than an airsoft, meaning that it fires caps instead of gas-propelled BBs), and Marushin makes a black version of the COP gun (which I think made an appearance in THE MATRIX RELOADED. Is that right?). Hartford makes a handsome airsoft version of Deckard's blaster from BLADE RUNNER, but it's not screen-accurate. It's got some awful misspellings on the barrel (perhaps in order to avoid legal action by Steyr-Mannlicher?).

Most airsoft models are issued in ABS, but upgrades like wooden grips and metal barrels and slides are available for a lot of them, either directly from the manufacturers or as aftermarket parts.

I've also got an M-41A Pulse Rifle based on a conversion of an airsoft Thompson submachine gun, but I won this in an auction and am not sure who made the conversion parts. Maruzen makes a nice Walther PPK/S, which is a close but not exact match for the PPK used by Connery in the early Bond films.

Sorry I don't have pictures of any of my items for you. Most of my stuff is boxed up right now because of a shortage of display space. :confused


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Dont forget the famous and outrageously expensive Asahi MG-34.
They are famous for the movie you know what.


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I have a KSC Glock 19 and 17, both GBB. Decent power and used in thousands of movies (Glocks, not my airsofts :p ).

I also have a TM Thompson. Everyday I try to decide whether to leave it as is (displayed with my blank firing M1911A1), or use it in a pulse rifle conversion.

If you want airsoft to play with, it's hard to beat the quality of Tokyo Marui. If they're just for display, go with the springers on ebay. I've gotten a couple of springers for conversions. I did a Halo weapon set from a P99 springer and a Bernelli M4.



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Thanks for the replies so far. Are there any sites that would have a more comprehensive list?


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If you click the list in my sig I have about 30 airsofts movie replicas. Some have undergone conversions, some are as is because lots of movies have cool guns. I like my STARS, Robocop, and bunch of Blade variations for pistols and Aliens M41A, Stargate P90, Seburo M23, and some of the recent Doom variations for light machine guns.

franz bolo

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The KSC Auto9 is the Robocop pistol. I just got one. :D

You can get the KWA 93R with metal Barrel and Slide which is the base for a few movie guns.



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Originally posted by PHArchivist@Jan 7 2006, 05:11 PM
I have the T2 gun and LOVE it.
The T2 shotgun? I bought the airsoft myself. It was before sideshow offered their replica and cost was actually a little cheaper on the airsoft from overseas, so that's what I did too.


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The VP was mentioned, but you can get a Thompson and then get the Aliens upgrade kit making it into the Aliens Pulse Rifle. REALLY COOL.


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Thanks for the replies. I didn't previously mention that my favorite movie is Unbreakable and there are two guns in the movie. I don't have any pics but if anyone has information I would be very thankful.


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Originally posted by LittleOleBountyHunter@Jan 8 2006, 12:01 AM
The VP was mentioned, but you can get a Thompson and then get the Aliens upgrade kit making it into the Aliens Pulse Rifle. REALLY COOL.
Did a show-off thread when I got it... I may try to get some pics.

It was HARD to get.