Battleship movie alien armor?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Demolition, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Demolition

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    hi guys ive just been to see the new movie battleship and i must say it was an amazing film and there's some awesome armor that the aliens wear just wondered if anyone had thought of making this or have already made it

    sorry if this is a double post


  2. n0regret5

    n0regret5 Well-Known Member

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    hey its master chief!
  3. vege

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    would love to have the pep files :)
  4. Aeronnz

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    I'm happy to see that someone liked it. :)

    I told my friends that I was excited about seeing it, and they laughed and said it wasn't going to be any good. Glad to see that they might be wrong...

    No, sorry, I can't say I've seen anyone do that armor yet. Sounds like an awesome idea! (Don't the aliens have those wierd bent legs though?)
  5. Onephattsi2

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    i hate that alll the good movies are released overseas a week before they are here in the US... lol....
  6. Contec

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    Nice to see that I am not the only one that enjoyed that movie.
  7. whisper kill

    whisper kill Member

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    The beginning of the movie (first half) was actually quite well done. The second half however was horribly bad. Sure, the creature design, special effects were fantastic! But the obvious reference to the Hasbro 'game' Battleship, the tired and just plain lame inclusion of the veteran sailors (where did all the ammo come from on a ship that was decommissioned?) and the unbelievable action near the end... well, I left the theatre disappointed.

    --- BUT ---

    The armour/creature design was fantastic. I loved the look and hope someone tackles it as a full build out. I know my 'boss', Sid over at Nightmare Armor would take this on if he had a group order... but the cost to make these suits would probably end up being about $6-$7k each.

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