Batman Begins Batarang now with pics


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Dose any one know how thick it is and what sheet metal to you and dose any one have a pattern that they can email me so i can trace it and cut it out im making one for my brother and for me

franz bolo

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Well, I wouldn't trace Synaps design because it could be construded as Recasting.

There are a ton of references out there.

Google is an easy way to find them.


franz bolo

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1/8" and 3/16" steel is pretty common.

You can use an old lawnmower blade if you can't find any steel.

Go to Borders and look for a Batman Begins book.

I found a good outline on a Batman Sticker Book in the kids section.

The same icon is on almost all the Begins Books.

HERE is a link that will get you started.

You can enlarge the photo any way you want.

trace it on the steel, and start cutting and grinding.



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To Franz, you listen. Wise is his advice. :)

I used a logo for my first batarangs, and they came out great. Screen-accurate finish, but not SA shape unfortunately.


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well heres what i used and this is what came out special thanks to my art teacher for giving me a piece of aluminum


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