Interest Batman Arkham City Gadgets


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hi guys,

back in may, I purchased jawafive's 9 batman arkham masters with molding rights & I'm now ready to do a run :D I have the masters & 3d files of:

Grapnel Gun
Explosive Gel
Cryptographic Sequencer
Sonic batarang
Batarang Version 1
Batarang Version 2
Smoke Pellets
Line Launcher
Freeze Blast Grenade

let's start with Grapnel Gun, Freeze Blast Grenade & Batarang, they will be professionally cast in resin & painted :D anyone interested?

01. Berserk
02. Effigey
03. andyp
04. Kix
05. Athanasius
06. jediknight129
07. godlikeslay
08. Protoss
09. Stocos28
10. vaderjeff1744
11. SlimeTime13



hey man, I am very interested of the arkham grapple gun, cryptographic sequencer, line launcher and explosive gel. If you re don t want to give me the 3d files, at least please some pictures, because I want to build them and I don t know where else to find them, please help me, here s my email.., thank you!
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