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hi guys,

back in may, I purchased jawafive's 9 batman arkham masters with molding rights & I'm now ready to do a run :D I have the masters & 3d files of:

Grapnel Gun
Explosive Gel
Cryptographic Sequencer
Sonic batarang
Batarang Version 1
Batarang Version 2
Smoke Pellets
Line Launcher
Freeze Blast Grenade

let's start with Grapnel Gun, Freeze Blast Grenade & Batarang, they will be professionally cast in resin & painted :D anyone interested?

01. Berserk
02. Effigey
03. andyp
04. Kix
05. Athanasius
06. jediknight129
07. godlikeslay
08. Protoss
09. Stocos28
10. vaderjeff1744
11. SlimeTime13



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I am also price and pictures dependent, but interested. I could use some props for my Batman.
I am very, very interested. I would be hugely interested in ANY items from the Arkham games, so if you're making/shipping anything from them I'll grab some :D
Sounds great! Interested in the Freeze Blast Grenade! Depending on price.

Also interested in the Cryptographic Sequencer and the Smoke Pellets
I'm also interested in whether or not this run will become active...

Still very interested in buying a few of these pieces, especially if they're painted and finished :D

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