Bat'leth Questions.

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by jason1976, May 4, 2012.

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    I have two questions.

    1. Ok, most (but not all) of the metal bat'leths out there are WAY off, and are very con-unfriendly. However, I recall, that long ago (I mean like over a decade ago) there was someone who offered, a plastic (or something like plastic) version, as part of a Bat'leth Mek'leth set, that looked much better in over all shape, and would have been much more con-friendly. The questions is, Does anyone know who it was that offered them, and if there is any way to get that set now a day?

    2. I have one of those aforementioned awful metal versions. Mine is so far off that the grips have a cord wrap on the handles instead of the proper leather wrap. My questions here is, what are all the good little klingon boys and girls using for the proper leather wrap? I mean, yes I know I could just by a bunch of leather, and cut it into strips, but I seem to recall hearing that they actually use something much cheeper, and easier, like a leather (or leather like) tape, or ribbon or something. Anyway's I'm looking for info, and sources for whatever is the most easy, cheep, common, etc stuff.

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    i have made a few bat'leth's in a metal covered plastic,as for handles i use whatever i can lay my hands on.
    The cheaper grips may have been made with handle bar tape (racer bikes)it came in a roll and stuck like normal tape.
    As for a con safe bat'leth,make a template and make your own,a batleth should be 48" long or there abouts, a mek'leth should measure from elbow to finger tip .
    A foam bat/mek'leth is possible if you make a core,also thick card ,not sure if there is a pep file ,but maybe someone will make one
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    long, long, ago (like 10 years ago) I used to ahve templates for the bat'leth, Mek'leth, and a couple other klingon knifes, but that was many computers ago, and I have long since lost them.

    I like the idea of making on out of wook, or something like that. Years ago there was a tutorial on making one out of PVC, but I was never able to find the PVC board, at the hardware store, and when I would ask them about it, they just looked at me like I was crazy. (even though they have talked about it many times on "This old house" :( )

    I'll try to find some of that handlebard tape, that is a great idea. Oh, and it would be cheeper to make one yourself, and you probably could make it much more accurate, but I did see there are some wood ones on ebay now, and they don't look to bad for the price. (better then a lot of the metal ones on ebay)

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