Bat cowl sculpting practice

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by clonesix, May 8, 2006.

  1. clonesix

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    I used the Monster Makers foam head armature for this because I didn't want to wait for a life cast to be completed. The MM bust is a little off proportionally, bu * was good for a practice.

    I wanted to get a feel for sculpting the shape. So I used the remains of the water clay I had in the garage and played around with it a little for this:


    Comments/critiques welcome
  2. MacFarc

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    I dont know anything about Batmanm, or sculpting things, but I think that looks really nice :)
  3. Boba Frett

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    That's looking real good :thumbsup
  4. Zendragon

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    Nice work man
  5. Darth Kahnt

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    Great job. :thumbsup
  6. lesternessman

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    That looks pretty good.
  7. Smiling Demon

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    Looks good to me..

  8. swhite228

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    Good job.

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