Bandai's not so moving 1/48 xwing


Received couple days ago,don't like the stand and the wing open/close is more of a gimck and the torpedo sound so out with the stand,out with all of Bandai's electronics and custom lighting.gottause the same wing setup as its only way to fit wings and stripped out the cogs etc,replaced the metal rod with a plastic one which was tighter allowing me to open the wings without them flopping closed.fitting all the leds/wires in the front was a royal pain and meant lots of glue for fitting arts together and dremelling a cavity (which didn't exist) had to glue the top part prior to dremelling everything away from the insides,bit tricky really!

now I got to do the filling and some rescribing then fit some other nick nacks then can move onto priming.

theres a fibre optic there for r2s eye.

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