Bandai release schedule


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I think this is it? Rearmored Fett 1/12 kit and 1/4 scale Grogu with 1/12 as bonus-


Back to the 3d printer I suppose


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Pretty much what I was expecting, but then again I did not have high hopes

although I thought we might at least get a smaller mecha collection kit of something


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It's up. A Boba Fett figure kit from The Mandalorian episode, and a giant Grogu.



Hunk a Junk

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I mean, it's a nice enough figure kit...

Welp, I'm glad I've started working on my CAD skills so someday soon I can just start making things myself.


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All disappointment over the lack of new stuff aside, I am actually looking forward to having Boba's helmetless head option

I already have the original Fett and this gives a different display option beyond just armor/clothing differences. Plus it is a great likeness as well of Temuera


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Seems like the Bandai Star Wars dept has gone into slow burn mode for now. When was the last major ship they did? The Star Destroyer? Everything else sense have been small Vehicle models or figures.


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Maybe the SW license isn't making money for them anymore. It doesn't seem like they are investing a lot of resources into designing new products like they did before. You would think now that things are trying to get back to normal, they would have an announcement that would blow our "Space Pants" off.



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They are in a similar state with the Yamato line

Gundam is their bread and butter right now and I am even seeing Gundam kits sections showing up at all kinds of places like Target, Hobby Lobby etc...

I think they are holding on to the Star Wars and Yamato licenses mainly to re-pop some of the best sellers here and there in between Gundam runs

They really do not have any need or incentive at this point to create lots of new kits apart from one or two things here and there


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Maybe the SW license isn't making money for them anymore.

Exactly. Bandai are a for-profit business. They produce what they think will sell.

It's all well and good for us to demand obscure models like a 1:6 moisture vaporator or whatever ("it'd sell like hotcakes!" - Dunning Kruger) but it's clear that they believe the bulk of the Star Wars model profit has been made. We can just be glad they produced the awesome stuff they did!

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