Bandai Enterprise Dilemma - Argh


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Just got mine yesterday - What a fantastic kit! - My only problem...

Do I just build it as is & have a beautiful Enterprise by this weekend?

Or... Anybody else considered replacing the incandescent bulbs with white LEDs, & putting in fiber optics to simulate the spotlights on the front bottom of the nacelles - & adding a flasher & fiberoptics for the navigation lights? Of course then this one will take months to finish too.

What to do, what to do...


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What's the lifespan of those grain of wheat bulbs? If they are prone to burning out, I'd consider at a minimum rewiring with LEDs. Perhaps some electronics guru can work out whether or not that's easy to do with the stock circuit....



Dean O

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I built mine the way it came out of the box. It's not like it'll be turned on for hours at a time anyway. I imagine the bulbs will last plenty long for me.


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If you check out CultTVMan's "HobbyTalk" Forum, there are several threads regarding this. I know many people have replaced the bulbs with LEDs, but many have built as is. Really a matter of how much work you want to do.

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