Bandai Blockade Runner


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What did you use for the weathering? Enamels, acrylics, oils?
Great job. More details please. Paint used, weathering tech., Etc.
Thanks guys. The base color was a mix of Tamiya acrylic flat white, Deck Tan and a touch of Medium Grey, applied through my airbrush. The red markings were hand painted using a mix of Vallejo Red 70.926 and Carmine Red 70.908. I picked out some panels here and there with varying mixed shades of light grey and sandy colors. I then painted "scratches" on the red panels using a fine detail brush. I also used grey and black pastels to dirty up the engine deck and nozzles.

To prepare the surface for weathering, I airbrushed a coat of Tamiya acrylic clear. After that dried I did a wash using a mix of white, brown and black oil paint, thinned with Turpentine. If you are going to do the same, just be aware that Turps and enamel thinners have a tendency to form cracks in the plastic. If you look carefully, you'll spot one on the starboard side, right around the middle of the ship. I also broke one of the turret guns, but that was prior to the wash.

After the wash had dried for a few days I sprayed a coat of Vallejo matt clear and called it done.