Baking sculpy on top of fiberglass?


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Second fiberglass question of the week! If I had a fiberglass mask and wanted to add a little organic detail with sculpy, would the mask be able to withstand the low cooking temp needed to cure they clay?

I searched with google and couldn't get a good answer. Thank you!


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i know that with resin props you can bend them if you put them in hot water so i guess it could warp your piece....and you dont know what kind of gases might get released in the oven.


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I'd be leery of putting the fiberglass in the oven, deforming being on of the reasons. What about using a heat gun to bake the sculpey?

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Use Aves Apoxie Sculpt instead. It's a self-hardening, strong, resin that works remarkably similar to super sculpey when mixed. Super Sculpey is brittle and will break off.


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Fiberglass shouldn't warp under the low heat needed for Sculpey, but then I would never put fiberglass or Sculpey in my home oven that I cook my food in.

In other words, yes you can do it, but there are better materials out there (epoxy) for what you want to do.