Axe excite commercial angel dresses, help?

I never knew Lynx had an alter ego. In the UK "Axe" is called "Lynx" same
commercial also. Good luck with your search.

"By The Lynx Effect Team
Published April 6, 2011

Many of you have been asking about where the angels in the ads got their dresses from. (Luckily, all of the people who asked were our female fans. Not that there’s anything wrong with men being interested in women’s fashion – we too enjoy flicking ourselves through the female fashion pages, especially if Keeley Hazell and Lucy Pinder are in there).

Anyway – we digress. The dresses were designed by the Lynx clothing stylist Carly Hague and were made up of draped material which was pinned directly on to the models. So in essence each dress was was unique to each model, and unfortunately don’t exist anymore. Here’s some pics to give you an idea if you’re interested. Oh. And a picture of some angels over the jump for those less interested in fashion, and more interested in women…"
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