Avp Elder Costume


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We had a small con over here in ireland called arcade con so myself and the other predators ireland lads went to it.
This was the last chance I'd have of suiting up for the rest of the year as i'll be having more back surgeries very soon and will be out of action for 5months. So with that I said I wanted to do the avp elder. I've had most of the suit sitting in a box for over a year now plus no1 has done a full avp elder. So with that too my berserker/falconer suit builds are defo on hold for awhile.
So in just a week I put this suit together, modified parts of the suits, added extensions to the back of the skins to fit properly, sculpted hands and molded them in 1 night. painted everything in 1 night. there were lots of sleepless nights but it was fun and stressful as not only did I do this suit I also had to repaint my mate Deans as we had changed leg skins on his suit... I had sculpted and already cast up the avp elder neckguard from last year... blah blah...
onto the pics...
hands were sculpted in less than 45 mins, was in panic mode to hurry and get them done

Dremeled scar in forehead and all the quill holes, milliput new tusks,

Adding magnets into all armor and skins

Armor of both suits everywhere

Pic of my suit 3 days before the event- july 10th

Finally some pics of the suit in action over the weekend. July 13th-15th








oh i told batman he's dead!

I donated a berserker bio and later on a full mask with dreads to the charity auction they had at the con, here's some quick pics of that. I like the 2nd pic


Finally some quick pics of the predators ireland crew.



This looks really sweet. I never noticed until this build that the elder has his two front topjaw teeth larger than most other predators do. Awesome work.
Savage looking Bryan got to see it, looked incredible. Was a great day also.
You won't be suiting up for a few months :,(
N'awh that's well ...... GAY

**** one I guess,
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