Avp Cannon Mount


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I've been looking for an AvP cannon mount for a longer time now, without success.
So today i figured i'd give it a go in "sculpting" one, with cardboard, foamies, random plastic parts and a hot glue gun.

I'm waiting for silicone to arrive so i can start thinking of molding, meanwhile i'll work with details and function of it, the plan is to have two movable axis wich you can tighten to make it lock in the position you want it.




Thanks for the compliment.

It's pretty simple, i cut out cardboard pieces into disks and glued them together for thickness and stability. Each segment of the cannon mount has one of these disks attached to it, the next segment has two disks with a gap between them, where the disk from the first segment will fit in.
Once i'm done with the prototype i'll be drilling holes through the center of the disks and put a bolt with a nut there to hold them in place.

Providing a picture of the components.

Now I know how to make pivotes for my next Predator!!!
Thanks Ostberg!!!
I might have to try that when i get a new hot glue gun, it will go with "the Queen"(it's a custom plasma caster i am working on)
this is the first time i have seen a pivoting one outside of a movie!
Glad i could help, i haven't had the time to finish my cannon mount, hopefully soon i can do the final detailing and mold it.
If I may...being new here and you may have thought of this already but you may want to put like a plastic or rubber washer in between the pieces where you drilled for the bolts. It'll help keep the sections tight and prevent the pieces scraping against one another. 
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