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    It's been a while since placing a post here, but feels good to be doing it! I just have a question concerning the AT-TE
    (All Terrain-Tactical Enforcer) from AOTC. I have been seriously thinking about scratchbuilding one. I have the Action Fleet AT-TE toy from Hasbro but comparing the toy to the ones depicted in the movie, and in artist concept drawings and paintings in books such as the "Incredible Cross Sections" and the recently released "New guide to Vehicles and Vessels". The Hasbro toy has three sections that "swivel". I did not notice this in the AT-TE in the movie and it doesn't appear to be apparent in the drawings and paintings of this vehicle. Does any one have any opinions on this?
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    I have an opinion...

    Do what you want.
    If you went to the Imperial used AT-AT lot, what would be the features you wanted?

    That's the groovy thing about imagination...

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Oh, wait, never mind -
    this is the "Studio-scale" forum.

    You probably want studio-scale accuracy.
    Sorry, my bad.

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