star wars attack of the clones

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  1. ChancellorsHand

    LAAT/C Gunship

    Here is my LAAT/C Gunship with AT-TE included! Got this 3D printed and a friend of mine painted it. Having this mode has always been a dream of mine because they didn’t come out with any models of this spectacular vehicle! So here it is, enjoy and let me know your thoughts!
  2. Qui gons gin

    Building a Phase 1 clone trooper helmet, (customized 2008 Hasbro helmet) - lockdown project.

    Intro With the lockdown still happening I thought It would be a good time to share what the project I’ve been working on. Around last June, I’d seen someone online convert their old hasbro clone helmet, into the real thing! And I was inspired to make my own. After some experimentation, I was...
  3. alfa069

    clone trooper costume 3d print

    hi all from spain, i would print a full armor of clone trooper and blaster. i dont't know what helmet phase print, phase 1 or 2(rex version). what version have the best visiblity? could you give me tips? i've started with a blaster dc15s
  4. Jake Kassnoff

    Phase II Clone Trooper Helmet out of EVA Foam

    I recently discovered that White EVA foam exists so I'm making storm trooper armor because I won't have to paint it:
  5. mangoes7

    Pepakura Kylo Ren Helm Build

    Decided to take a swing at making a Kylo Ren helmet today and will be starting it all out by using pepakura! I will post WiP pics as I progress through. The file that I found wasn't completely finished but i'm confident it will still come out with great results, just may take a bit more...
  6. R

    Mace Windu Lightsaber Replica Help Finding Parts

    Hi Everyone! I am designing a Mace Windu Lightsaber Replica and am looking for some help trying to track down some parts I am going to need. One of those is the patterned rubber grips located along the base of the lightsaber and around the top of it as well. Another is the long grip pieces that...
  7. Marvin3242

    The Moisture Vaporator Desk Lamp

    Hi all! So for my next project I decided that I wanted to build something from Tatooine. I also have been hankering to build something at least slightly functional, and this is what I came up with: Its a moisture vaporator lamp! Well, technically its based around a candelabra socket...
  8. 3DpropsNL

    Our F-11D v2 is ready!

    After a year of playing around with my F-11D V1 resin kit I wasnt happy with the quality and weight of the blaster. So I took the blaster back to the design table and added a few tweaks. The core of the blaster is a 30mm tube that supports it. I added additional lights in the tri-tube on the...
  9. The14thDr

    R4-P17 on a budget...

    Although I love R2-D2 (who doesn't, right?) I've always wanted a more obscure and unique droid from the movies. Whilst searching through images of the various astromechs from the movies, I fell in love with R4 straight away, with it's crimson dome and "reversed" colour scheme. This is actually...
  10. BLADE and BRUSH

    Republic Gunship - Modification and repaint of the Revell pocket kit

    For my second video I present the tiny Republic Gunship by Revell of Germany. It has been modified and painted to represent my favorite color scheme, as depicted in the original Clone Wars animation. I've edited this video a little bit differently to my first, based on feedback. I hope you...
  11. GunnerBill

    DC15a Clone Trooper Blaster Rifle - ***COMPLETE***

    Presently WIP but will be finished soon: A DC15a Clone Trooper blaster rifle has always been on the cards so having some time I'm making two! We also wanted a sniper variant for a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter outfit.
  12. conord

    Has anyone had experience with Hass Dardo's Clone Trooper pepakura files?

    Hey guys, how's it going? I know it's a pretty specific question, but I was hoping someone might be able to give me an idea of the complexity/accuracy of the files, and maybe a picture or two of a build completed with his files (he actually sent a picture of his files and now the complexity is...
  13. Jake Kassnoff

    Battle Droid

    I'm working on a clone wars battle droid!
  14. Jake Kassnoff

    Captain Rex Clone Helmet Conversion

    Super easy cosplay
  15. shwarzwald

    Hasbro clone helmet upgrade

    Howdy y'all. Figure this is as good as any place to post this. So over the past few months I've been slowly improving one of those hasbro clone helmets that came out like ten years ago. Been a mildy fun experience. Not exactly done yet, but still moving slowly. Before and current. As...
  16. ichnob

    TCSS New Saber Hilt Kit Offerings (Late 2016 Release)

    So during my daily check for The Custom Saber Shop for in-stock items from my wish list, I saw that their new offerings today included some new hilt kits. Looks like with the popularity of the Graflex 2.0, the line is being expanded even further, which can be great for people looking to build...
  17. G

    DC-15S Clone trooper pep file?

    I don't want to be that guy, but does anyone have a pdo dc-15s. Bevbors 4shared link isnt valid and I have looked everywhere and the russian page will not let me register. Please help!!!
  18. darthgojum

    Ki Adi Mundi Silicone Mask WIP

    Here's the start of the sculpt
  19. SerCharlemagne

    Padme Loyalist Surcoat Fabric

    Oh my gosh, this fabric. So, I'm in the early early early planning stages of making Padme's Loyalist Committee gown and surcoat from Episode II, to eventually go with my partner's Anakin costume. The construction of the costume looks to be straightforward, if detail and time intensive, and I'm...
  20. dog of ulthar

    Do You Want To See A Bunch Of Star Wars Cosplayers Dance To "Genghis Kahn"?Yes You Do

    A ridiculous number of cosplayers, a ridiculous amount of time, and way too much unused footage of me screaming at sand went into this, and I wanted to share. You can watch the video here, and if you need some convincing I'll throw in some behind-the-scenes shots for free. Kylo Ren -...
  21. mmhnc

    Kid sized Jango Fett Costume completed

    To start, I'm posting this here and not The Dented Helmet becuse I can't seem to post pictures there, not sure if it's becuse I'm considered new there or what but makes updates difficult. On to the project. At the end of Last Halloween my kids started to put in their requests for the...
  22. Jake Kassnoff

    Padme's Blaster (ELG-3A)

    Easiest DIY ever!
  23. Jake Kassnoff

    DC-17 Blaster Pistol

    I kind of want to buil everything in Clone Wars right now.
  24. A

    -=[ E-5 Blaster Build Thread ]=-

    Hello, And welcome to my first-ever build thread! I've recently got my garage tidied up, put up some shelves, and built a workbench. Now I'm ready to finally work on some projects I've been collecting! I currently have a Hasbro Phase I Clone helmet to mod, 3 Rubies Rebels E-11 Blasters, 2...
  25. T

    Attack of the Clones Acklay Taxidermy Bust

    I'm making the head of the Acklay from the Arena on Geonosis, to be display as if it were a trophy in a museum or a hunters collection. "near life-sized,"this piece measures about 6'2" in length. I sculpted the entire thing in wed clay and molded it in fiberglass. The final product is all latex...

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