Astrid Hofferson – How to Train Your Dragon (by Made In Titan)

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    Hello, I made the costume Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon for my daughter.


    WIP on web and on FACEBOOK

    Material: leatherette, fabric, suede, faux fur (mink), plush, EVA, Kanekalon, foam, FlexFoam-iT ATC.

    I made molds too for:
    skulls, wheels, spikes on arms
    skulls and spikes on skirt,
    small and big stones on headband
    rivets on the axe


    If you would be interested, supplements are for costumes for women heights up to approx 170 cm. I can produce for you.
    11x skull, 2x wheel, 40x spike (four different sizes and shapes), 13x stone on headband (two different sizes), 40x small spike shoulder (different shapes), 12x rivet (different shapes)
    Material: FlexFoam-iT V
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    You sir, besides having mad skills, are one very cool dad. Kudos on the costume work.
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    New photo:
    astrid_wip_083.jpg astrid_wip_084.jpg

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