How To Train Your Dragon 2 (HTTYD2) Hiccup Flight Suit and Astrid Armor


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Hello All,

So as Halloween is approaching I've been itching to start working on costumes. As the bf doesn't care about Halloween like I do, he wasn't much help in choosing a costume until I mentioned him being Hiccup in passing. He fell in love with the idea so now I've decided that's what he will be, and of course, I would have to be Astrid.


What to make the costume out of?!

Well since this will be a one time wear, I don't want to go buying leather and fiber glass/bondo to make his outfit, so I've settled on foam. So far this is what I have bought:

1 Sheet Red Foam (3mm thickness):

8 Sheets Black Foam (5mm thickness)

While the EVA floor mats would have probably been a better choice, I didn't want to go through a huge hassle of cutting and sanding down edges (I tried doing mass effect armor with EVA and I sucked at sanding it).

Now since Hiccup's costume has a leather texture (as well as Astrid's skirt) I've chosen the method of using DAP Weldwood Cement Glue to attach faux leather fabric to it (I can get it for about $6/yd) I will also use it for Astrid's shoulder pieces, except with vinyl not leather. I bought a wood burning engraver to do the "scales" on hiccup's torso/legs so we'll see how that goes.

I will hopefully get started on it tonight and will post pics of progress!

PLEASE comment with suggestions on this costume! I have seen a few tutorials on doing the kid's costume, but not an adult. Any advice will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Thank you :)


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The Brown scale pattern looks more like a Gambeson . A quilted shirt worn in medevial times under armour. Perhaps a quilt fabric would work better. You can purchase pre-quilted fabric. Just a thought.


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The Brown scale pattern looks more like a Gambeson . A quilted shirt worn in medevial times under armour. Perhaps a quilt fabric would work better. You can purchase pre-quilted fabric. Just a thought.

Thanks montysaurus, I'll check out Joann's, Beverly's, and HobbyLobby here to see what they have :)


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Wow those are awesome! I might just have to nag my mom into helping me do that since she is a HUGE quilter and could do that for me :D

Saw this cutie pie at the Phoenix Comicon a few weeks ago...

No Hiccup though...

Her costume is great!! Definitely going to use it for references :D


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Sorry for double posting but I wanted to share. I worked on the chest last night with my 5mm foam. I had been wondering how I was going to harden it (styrospray, resin, smooth-cast 65D) but this foam is actually already great! It's flexible enough so he could move, but solid enough to hold it's form.

Keep in mind this is not going to be "screen accurate" but it will hopefully still be recognizable.



The duct tape is to hold the pieces temporarily until I have time to sand/smooth the edges and then attach them with hot glue and reinforcement pieces. I thought for 1 hour of work it's a great base for the chest. Probably wont work on this too much tonight as it is his Dad's bday, but tomorrow I will be back with more updates, most likely smoothed edges and at least 1 shoulder piece.

Stay tuned!


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Ok so I found a couple spare moments to work on the chest piece. Keep in mind I'm not worried about seams or how it looks because I will be covering it in faux leather which will cover the imperfections. I trimmed the excess foam pieces and glued them together with hot temp hot glue and used the spare pieces of foam to reinforce the seams.



I left the bottom unglued because of how Hiccup's armor doesn't fully close on the sides as you can see below:


So today I will be sanding down the edges and stopping by Hobby Lobby to see if they have anything that looks like rivets or studs for his armor...and possibly buy the cement glue and faux leather....and add the collar :p so much to do!

Question though:

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For the wig you could try looking on Amazon. I just ordered one for my daughter to be Black Canary and it was really useful to see all the different reviews before you buy. Some of the products have free returns if you don't like it when you get it. Just food for thought.
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