are the extra disks on the star wars blu rays worth getting?


Master Member
i was planning buying the blu rays at some point but don't want the prequels.

the complete box set has additional 3 disks, what goodies are on them? are they worth having??

if i just get the IV V VI box set they are not included.


Lord Boron

Sr Member
I wasn't really blown away by them. The deleted scenes are an interesting curiosity, but not really worth repeated viewing and can probably be found elsewhere on the internet. Most of the docs are old and don't compare to Empire of Dreams. The most interesting is the archives section with some good images of some of the models and props, but even that was a little disappointing. Nothing you can't really find elsewhere and the closups of the X-wing are from an MPC build-up. I was tempted to pick it up because of the extra's but after watching them on the set a friend bought, I decided to pass.
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