anyone upgraded the sonic screwdriver toy, looking for help


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just curious as to anyone who has made any changes to the toy
my ss has never been bright enough
so i am going to change th uv led for a ultra bright blue
and respray the awful silver with a plasticote chrome
so has any one out there done this if so any sugestions would be great


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I too am interested to see if anyone had done this. Just the other day I was thinking what could I do to make this ss look better.


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well i have now split the head of the driver
and replaced the uv led with the ultra bright
i then sprayed the silver with a more natural colour
i am going to get a ivory spray for the body
and finally i might replace the blue section with a solid perspex head
and frosted underneath (seson one ss was not blue as far as i can recall)
when its finished i will post pics


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You can check the episode "Boomtown" for some great close ups of the front half of the original prop. The scene where Margret is trying to teleport away and the Doctor keeps using the Sonic Screwdriver to bring her back. When he delivers the line "I could do this all day" the prop is right up there in close up and held relatively still. You could get a good idea of exactly what color the body is then.

Also the first episode from the new season "New Earth" you can check the elevator shaft scene where Cassandra in the Doctor's body pulls out the SS like it's going to bit hre...erm, his hand and also right before the Doctor runs into the elevator shaft with the IV pouches all over him he puts the SS in his teeth and you may be able to pull a shot or two there.


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yeah just checked my dvd its blue
its just the light seems to not difused enough
even though i have changed the led
i am thinking of getting another one from
they are only £ 4.99 on there
cheap enough to hack up and not worry about wrecking it
any of you guys got ideas of how to maxamize the light ?

heres a pic to show the colour difference

thanks wc for the pic host


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I was under the impression that the show was using the toy as the official SS in the newer episodes. Is this true, or are they simply using the mold and not the actual factory finished toy?


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i think they are using the toy
but the head of the ss still seems to be made of metal
at least thats what it looked like in some of the close ups
in the new show
so perhaps its a mix of toy and prop?


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i wonder if anyone on this board has conformation
of this , or any other info on the ss that could help rebuilding
the ss ?