Anyone see the new AT&T commercial??


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They found someone with a replica KITT car, I think they did that with robbie as well. as for the WOPR, who knows about that, but I think its cool that its actually William Daniels doing the voice


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Man KITT is cool.

Back in the 80's when knight rider was first coming out I was all hyped up about it and they sent out some pre-promotional posters of knight rider vs the general lee. I use to have one, my memory is fuzzy on it, but i think it was like the two cars supposedly beside each other and then its just like tire tracks and dust with the general still sitting there. Anyone remember this poster?

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Finally, here's a link to the commercial, for those who haven't seen it...

Doesn't really seem to be about robots at all. Sort of the history of voice synthesizers. "sort of".

Since most of the characters we see (Rosie, Robby, WOPR, KITT) are all FICTIONAL CHARACTERS that were put together out of "movie magic" and not really syntesized voices at all.. :unsure

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Mmmmmm, WOPRÂ…

Jules: ""Le Big-Mac". Ha ha ha ha. What do they call a Whopper?"

Vincent Vega: "War Operation Plan Response."



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It's too bad they couldn't have done a better job on the voices. It seems as if KITT's was the only real one, and the others aren't even close.