Anyone making a Zathura game?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Peace Hunter, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. Peace Hunter

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    Just like the topic says :)

    Saw the move yesterday and I want one :D

  2. synasp

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  3. DaddyfromNaboo

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    Okay, anyone bought that game and is able to review it ?

    I just saw a trailer to the movie (coming out this week over here in Germany), and I love the retro look ot it .

    So, anyone ?

  4. dkwd

    dkwd Well-Known Member

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  5. Talisen

    Talisen Sr Member

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    That's cool. I saw the movie, it was fun, and much like its predecessor, Jumanji

    And speaking of which, was there ever a replica (fan-made or storebought) of Jumanji?
  6. sd1138

    sd1138 New Member

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    I bought one. It's really fun for the first 10 minutes, then gets really really repetitiveand old fast.

    It has the control dash that is a cool concept, the dashboard shoots out the next card. The problem is that 1) it has a bell that gets REALLY annoying after about the 3rd turn and 2) more often than not 2 or three cards gets stuck together and shoots out and clogs the whole thing up.

    Replay value=0. Fun factor = 5

    Mainly it just looks really cool on the self being all retro and whatnot lol.
  7. Talisen

    Talisen Sr Member

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    You do know you're supposed to space out playing the game when the asteroids and aliens show up? :D
  8. temponaut

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    I wouldn't expect anyone could market a faithful, working reproduction of the game as it appeared in the movie for US $30.00. Although I haven't yet handled the game personally, the Discovery Channel Store now has more than a dozen reviews up and you can begin to get a feel for what people think of it.

    Although it currently has a high overall rating, the comments of those who like the game tend to be general and/or focus on the cosmetic (e.g., "It's fun," "It looks like the game in the movie").

    On the other hand, the comments of those who don't like it are very specific and have to do with the game's quality and playability... or lack thereof: card dispenser doesn't work properly, spinner doesn't spin, made of plastic rather than tin, etc.

    I'd guess sd1138's review sums it up rather well: This one may have more value sitting static on the shelf as part of your prop collection than it does as a playable recreation of the movie game.
  9. SurferGeek

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    Does anyone have a good Zathura graphic? I'd like to make a "Game Over" card... Simple prop...
  10. cocomonk22

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    The movie one required multiple people to operate, and the scene with the sparking black hole required people to operate underneath the gameboard. The DVD has great behind the scenes information on the gameboard.
  11. Theherocreator

    Theherocreator New Member

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    And because of that, making a prop replica of the Zathura Game is far more complicated than a Jumanji Game.
  12. Contec

    Contec Master Member

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    Some people are quite happy with just a static version of the game.
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  13. Theherocreator

    Theherocreator New Member

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    yeah, thats true, or another alternative is the playable Board Game, it have some artistic liberties but is actually pretty accurate.

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