Anyone know where I can get a WarMachine STL file?


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Hi all - as above.. i need to get an .STL file of war machine so i can print it on a 3d printer...

please help. i can't find a converter for PDO to STL


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The closer thing you can find is Grant Warwick files on youtube, but you will need to ask him if you can 3D print it.


3d printer supports .3ds format. I prepares 3d model to print, and i know that it is possible on a models saved in .3ds format. (Sorry for my terrible english)


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Thanks. a kind member has offered me an STL file of the helmet so i am just preparing that and the member's copy as well.

I'd still like to see other models if they're available tho.. so if you guys know of any other 3d formats lurking around, please let me know


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The best thing to do is to click unfold on the pdo, then convert it to a .obj. Bring that obj into a 3d program like 3ds max and then you can convert it to a variety of formats including .STL.

a .3ds file isn't a 3d printing format, its a native file format for 3ds Max. Most printers will want a .STL, .IGES or some sort of Solidworks format. Shapeways uses STL and OBJ now.


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thanks. does pepakura have the option to convert to .obj or did you mean use a 3d software to try and trace the unfolded pdo and turn it into a .obj?
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