Anyone know how to get this kind of paint crackle effect?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by fiberglassmasks, May 17, 2012.

  1. fiberglassmasks

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    I have tried the store bought crackle medium and the elmers glue. Niether come close to this as it is a much finer crackle. Anyone know a way? I have been using enamel spray paint.

  2. Icetigris

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    No guarantees, but I've gotten that effect unintentionally when I put on a lot of coats in quick succession, or thick coats. You could try temperature shocking it a bit too, but I'm not sure how much that would help.
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    Strangely a couple of years ago I was painting a predator model helmet and after i painted it with normal warhammer paints i spray painted it with a clear car lacquer and the paint went exactly like this

    Im sorry i cant be any more help
  4. EyeofSauron

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    you can try painting it with urethane paints first, and then paint over it with acrylic paints. the reaction will cause the paint to crack
  5. terryr

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    That looks the effect that forgers use on fakes of famous paintings.

    However they do it.

    I'll bet it does have something to do with incompatible paint coats.
  6. BrundelFly

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    Use Crackle Paint?
  7. Sundowner

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    Ive used this stuff
  8. shenphong

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    Maybe goldenage will chime in here but he created the same effect for his splicer mask, check out the first page of the link for more info:

    To quote him:
    "The outer layer of the mask is a mixture of polyester pigmented resin and cold cast porcelain - that's then dimpled and chipped then backed with fibreglass. I used a two part varnish that cracks when dry on the "stress points" and a lighter broad cracking version on the ears and forehead - and then highlighted it to bring out the texture - with both acrylic stains and antiquing paints."

    Hope he doesn't mind me posting his picture, but if you'd like goldenage, I'll take it down. But its one of the best masks I've seen done with that effect and well here is a picture of it done:
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  9. cavx

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    Just be sure to seal it in clear after.

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