Anyone in the Carolinas her with experience working with fiberglass?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Egon Spengler, Jul 10, 2006.

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    I have a project I would like to build but for now keep relatively secret.

    Anyone in the Carolinas her with experience working with fiberglass?

    I'm going to need help working with the nasty stuff.

    Heres the deal. Building a large creature costume with a skeleton structure. Its arms and legs will be sculpted out of foam and then fiberglass will be layed over the foam to make it strong enough to hold a skin over the internal workings of the costume.

    I've never worked with fiberglass before and was wondering if anyone in the area would be willing to offer their help assisting me someday when the project does get this far. I guess I'm jumping the gun asking this when I haven't even bought materials to begin this project but I always plan way ahead :D

    If anyone else can give me advice on this forum I'd appreciate it as well.

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    I have resin experience but no fiberglass experience. Consider this a friendly NC bump.

  3. Lord_Gita

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    If you plan to put fiberglas over foam you're going to need to seal the foam first or the chemicals will eat away at the foam before it kicks, plus you will probably lose most of the details. You'd do best to take a negative of the foam pieces and cast out of that negative.

    Also, if you are planning on wearing this as a body you may want to consider using a rubbery resin rather than fiberglass so it's strong enough to hold the skin but flexible enough to move in...

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