Anyone have a particular movie focus?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by _Lee_, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. _Lee_

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    Just wanted to ask if anyone here has a particular focus to a certain movie,tv series or whatever else.Ive recently decided to dedicate my SW collection to ESB only for a few reasons(mainly space & finances..) and just thought id see if anyone else is in the same boat.I know Steve(or steve the swede?) collects only ESB but havent seen too many other who dedicate their collection to only one of the Star Wars saga.I realised i had to make my collection smaller and decided to got all ESB because even though i saw ANH at the cinema it was ESB that i remember going wild about :)

    There are many here whom collect Batman,Predator or whatever and it would good to hear who collects what and if they collect only certain movies,tv series etc.

  2. dropshipbob

    dropshipbob Sr Member

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    That's easy, Alien(s).

    I do have items from a few other select movies, but the bulk of my collection focuses on Alien and Aliens.
  3. JunkSabers1138

    JunkSabers1138 Sr Member

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    I don't focus too heavily on any one movie since I'm not all THAT interested in most of the prop categories (TV sets, costumes, set pieces, etc.). I'm mainly a weapons freak and if I do collect any other prop categories, it will be a little bit from a lot of films rather than a lot of stuff from one film.
  4. Gman666

    Gman666 Well-Known Member

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    Today it is Buffy and Ultraviolet. I think I will stay on these two for a while. I am trying to decrease my collections.

  5. reevz666

    reevz666 Well-Known Member

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    I'm pretty much a Batman guy ( 89, Returns, Begins )...although I do have a soft spot for Werewolves B)
  6. SithLord

    SithLord Sr Member

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    I guess so since my whole world revolves around Star Wars: A New Hope. However, I do have some prequel stuff in my collection and am getting more into Aliens lately....but my focus remains SW ANH....
  7. knightdriver2001

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    Right now, I am on the Aliens / Knight Rider Kick.

    (Knight Rider because I am building the car)

    I have always been into Aliens films. That will never fade.
    Aliens and the hardware designed involved are just to cool to
    get old. That and with all the new goodies that seem to be coming
    out these days, It's a whole new ball game. :D

    I was a Star Wars Fanatic but the last 3 films killed that
    off quickly. :unsure
  8. ArkRaider

    ArkRaider Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Ghostbusters and Stargate
  9. AlltoEasy

    AlltoEasy Well-Known Member

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    Firefly & Serenity stuff with a little bit of Blade Runner and Star Wars thrown in for good measure. But it's all about the Verse for me

  10. OldKen

    OldKen Master Member

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    my focus is star wars a new hope...

    but basically anything SW. :love

    the only props that excite me in other movies is stuff that was from SW...

    to be honest (no offense) but i dont get the people who collect buffy stuff... etc...

    but maybe thats because im a musician, and if i ever have extra cash it goes into that all expensive world.

    and in my old corvette... or my damned 4runner that costs more than it should to drive... :p

    but yeah, anything ANH accurate, its like it keeps me from sleeping at night some of the screen accurate stuff that comes through here.

    precious... must have the precious...

    i love LOTR batman serenity etc. and have always been interested in special FX and horor makeup...

    but i never see anything in a show or movie that makes me feel like i must hold it in my hand... then must posess it.

    id say if i were loaded though...

    it would be rediculous the things id collect.

    so i deffinately have alot of respect for all the RPFers (especially those of you with REDICULOUSLY HUGE collections) but i just dont get the fever if it isnt SW related... if its ANH... hold me back.
  11. foxbatkllr

    foxbatkllr Sr Member

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    All Star Wars (even mixture of PT & OT) with a tiny bit of Batman & X-Men thrown in.
  12. Probe Droid

    Probe Droid Master Member

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    I'm a Star Wars guy, essentially any Star Wars (although, if pushed to the wall, I'd pick the OT by far). Don't care about Trek, Blade Runner, BSG, Buffy (yuck.), etc., etc., etc. I am Jedi.
  13. OldKen

    OldKen Master Member

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    <div class='quotetop'>(Probe Droid @ Jul 31 2006, 07:26 PM) [snapback]1291499[/snapback]</div>

    im glad you said that... so i dindnt have to. :love

    (puts on FLAME retardant suit and ducks)

  14. Ramiel

    Ramiel Sr Member

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    Do you want a flame war? Ok, You'll have a flame war... :angry
    The only interesting props in SW are the lightsabers, and the blasters are only a kitbash of real guns with some garbage on it.
    (J/K, but I think I'm officially dead. LOL :D )

    No, seriously I'm not into SW, I'm just a low-level fan... I prefer another Lucas film: Indiana Jones.
    To be honest I have many interests, but I can sum them in this list: Indiana Jones, The Mummy, LOST, Smallville (and many, many more... Basically I don't focus. OMG I should delete this post. :eek ) LOL :lol
  15. Gman666

    Gman666 Well-Known Member

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    No wars going to start here. Different things are what make this hobby great. I have a few things from Terminator, Predator, and Aliens. Have a lot of Spider-man and comics in general. I too have my share of Star Wars. Mostly figures and toys of the Sith Lords but I do have a nice V2 and the FX sabers. I just have a lot of the stuff still boxed up in the spare bedroom. I have been looking at trying to decide what I want to keep and what I should sell to others who will do more with it than let it sit in boxes in a spare room. Now the Buffy thing. I just really liked the way Joss crafted the stories, tend to favor the 4 first seasons before it appeared that Joss was spread too thin. I was once like "WTF you watch Buffy?" Then during Christmas break I watched a marathon of Season 2 and was hooked. Can't explain it. Others collect BTTF, Planet of the Apes, Blade Runner, and ect. I guess I can relate to the stories in Buffy as I was in school at the same time, minus the vampires/zombies/demons/invisible girl/talking dummies/mutated swim team/Inca mummy/and so on. I think Joss really nailed a lot of the real life things that go on daily. Enough of my nerd rant lets hear some more of what is the focus of everyone's collection.

  16. PHArchivist

    PHArchivist Master Member

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    80's porn.
  17. JunkSabers1138

    JunkSabers1138 Sr Member

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    Now that I think of it, I'm mostly a SW freak :) .

    1. LIGHTSABERS. I'm hooked and need serious rehab :D :p .
    2. Blasters. Not hooked, but I have had my share of failed projects.
    3. Anything else. Not really interested, but an all OT Vader suit display (like the ones in another thread here) would be sweet.

    After that I'm a BIG LOTR fan, with swords being my addiction (Anything lightsabers or swords within 50 ft. of me and I'm all over it like like a pack of starving rats on a crumb of cheese :lol .)

    It's nice to see the variety of fan interests this board has to offer :) .

  18. OldKen

    OldKen Master Member

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    <div class='quotetop'>(PHArchivist @ Jul 31 2006, 08:56 PM) [snapback]1291551[/snapback]</div>

    ... :lol


    ha HEE who... wow. :angel

    i think my thing with buffy, is that... sarah michelle geller... aint no christy swanson. :$

    that and being forced to watch even a minute of the musical by a friend of an Ex-girlfriend.

    that is honestly the worst thing that has ever been filmed.

    it makes the star wars holliday special... look like... star wars. :p
  19. rmschneider104

    rmschneider104 Sr Member

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    My focus is the Star Wars films, prequel and original trilogy. I've been soooo tempted to get some Indiana Jone goodies and Blade Runner props, but I keep fighting the urge. A Wested sure would make for a great winter coat. :)
  20. Ramiel

    Ramiel Sr Member

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    <div class='quotetop'>(Gman666 @ Aug 1 2006, 02:50 AM) [snapback]1291546[/snapback]</div>
    Well, I have all the Buffy DVD's so I think you're right about the Joss Whedon "talent" for the "real-life" thing (look at Firefly...)
    BTW I don't want to start a flame war, I was just kidding :D
    And You're right also on the "different things makes this hobby great", for example I discovered Firefly only because I've found a thread about Mal's pistol (if I remember well, was here on RPF, because in Italy Firefly isn't arrived yet, probably because the serie was interrupted in the US).
    But there are so many cool props in the entertainment industry that I fall in love with every new cool prop... For this reason I can't really focus, but at the top of my list I have the "adventure/action-movie/serie" props. ;)
  21. motman241

    motman241 Well-Known Member

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    Chainsaws from various movies (Texas Chainsaw Massacres, Evil Dead/ Army of Darkness, etc), and A New Hope seem to be my focus. But, I do whatever tickles my fancy.

    I think we have a focus, because of the research involved. You come to get a feel for the movie, where they were coming from, and what they used and wanted from the props. It's almost easier to focus, than keep jumping around.
  22. JHVanOphem

    JHVanOphem Well-Known Member

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    <div class='quotetop'>(PHArchivist @ Jul 31 2006, 08:56 PM) [snapback]1291551[/snapback]</div>
    If you have any Ron Jeremy props, I don't want to see them
  23. xmart

    xmart Well-Known Member

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    My focus is Screen-Used SAW, Fight Club, Eternal Sunshine and Amelie :)
  24. Cirielle

    Cirielle Active Member

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    Star Wars chick...
  25. hollywoodhardware

    hollywoodhardware Sr Member

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  26. PHArchivist

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    <div class='quotetop'>(oldken @ Aug 1 2006, 01:30 AM) [snapback]1291566[/snapback]</div>

    ... :lol


    ha HEE who... wow. :angel

    i think my thing with buffy, is that... sarah michelle geller... aint no christy swanson. :$

    that and being forced to watch even a minute of the musical by a friend of an Ex-girlfriend.

    that is honestly the worst thing that has ever been filmed.

    it makes the star wars holliday special... look like... star wars. :p

    We weren't talking about lunch break viewing preferences.? ;)
  27. MegaPrime33

    MegaPrime33 Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Right now I'm strictly a lightsaber collector. Once I get all the ones I want, I'm going to try and focus on a little from Ghostbusters, Superman, and Back to the Future.
  28. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper New Member

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    Lee, nice topic,

    ref, ESB, kinda agree with you there, ANH blew me away, but ESB, got me started collecting,
    but just for fun, or I just kinda always got stuff I thought was fun, and not to complete a set.

    My ESB focus, was, how very much the HOTH battle, looked exactly like a chess match/board,

    and tried to create one with action figures at that time. I never completed the idea,
    and so now have (still sealed) 8-SnowTroopers and 8-Rebel Troopers in a box somewhere,
    with the rest of the action figures.
    NOTE, at that time, I saw the Queens, as the Dark and Light side of the force.

    Other movie/tv I have stuff from,

    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Star Trek (um, well, from 1966 to 1977....)
    Space 1999
    Fireball XL-5
    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Flying Sub, still pretty cool)

    but really, it's mostly what ever Star Wars stuff I find fun,
    like and original reel-to-reel tape of ANH soundtrack, that I can not even play:)
  29. CTF

    CTF Sr Member

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    <div class='quotetop'>(xmart @ Aug 1 2006, 03:19 PM) [snapback]1291603[/snapback]</div>
    I'm after an Audrey Tautou if you've got one you wanna get rid of? :p

    Audrey... :love
  30. ioncanon

    ioncanon Well-Known Member

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    I don't focus because I collect a wide variety of props and masks from all monster and scifi movies...but I definitely lean towards American Werewolf in London, Goonies, Friday the 13th, and Killer Klowns from Outer space
  31. propsculptor

    propsculptor Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back, Superman The Movie, Aliens, Starship Troopers, Terminator, Predator I & II, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, Voyagers (TV Series), StreetHawk (TV Series), and the list goes on... :D
  32. kdawg1

    kdawg1 Sr Member

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    Anything that is cool or strikes peeks my intrest. My first prop is my B9 robot from LIS and then I go ever direction from there. If I can get dimentions or find a kit I can afford I build it. I love anything thats been in a movie or TV show. It's all great ............. I've become single again lately so I'm paying a ton in support and lost my house but still have my props and autographs to decorate my new pad when I can afford a down payment. LOL
  33. LZeitgeist

    LZeitgeist Well-Known Member

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    Iv'e collected a lot of things over the last 25 years, but over time it seems like my main interest has been 1920's-30's action/adventure films (Indiana Jones, The Rocketeer, The Mummy, The Phantom, The Shadow, etc.)...

    I still have other interests (swords, other iconic films (Back to the Future, Titanic, Star Wars O/T, etc.) but I've sort of limited my recent acquisitions to specific, iconic pieces, rather than just buying generic stuff 'cuz it's cool or popular.
  34. eaviii

    eaviii Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Main focus on robots and arcade-movie crossover stuff-

  35. Rebel Hunter

    Rebel Hunter Well-Known Member

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    The Indy trilogy
    The LOTR trilogy
    Escape from New York
  36. Jimbo890

    Jimbo890 Well-Known Member

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    I'm making my own Star Wars universe fan film, so most all my props are from the OT, or OT inspired.

    I have a small collection of TOS Star Trek props too, and my all time favorite prop, the M41-A Pulse Rifle from Aliens, but that's about it. I am working on my own Alien's Colonial Marine helmet, motion scanner, etc.

    I am a fan of the Bladerunner Blaster, and the Logan's Run flame gun, so those are soon to be on the work bench, just as soon as I can get some TOS Battlestar Galactica gear done.

    heck, call it sci-fi and I'm a fan.
  37. kell

    kell Well-Known Member

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    <div class='quotetop'>(eaviii @ Aug 16 2006, 06:17 PM) [snapback]1301950[/snapback]</div>
    :) yes robots. You got an awesome B-9 :thumbsup Robby isnt' too shabby either .

    My fetish is basically Star Wars, although just about all scifi excites me.
  38. Hotshot

    Hotshot Sr Member

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    Hmmmm . . i wonder . . .

    seriously though, anything i can get my hands on, but am focusing on a Boba suit and am now getting into studio scale modeling

    and I love 80's porn, give me some Zara Whites baby(80's enough for ya?)


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    No particular film-focus for me. I try to get "at least one" prop from any scifi show or film that I really like. (This usually boils down to getting the hero's gun though.) The bigger effect a show has had on my life, the more stuff I tend to get. Sometimes I end up getting something I never in a million years thought I would.

    Quirky example:

    When I started watching Farscape a couple of months ago, I said to myself that I'd never get a pulse pistol because I wasn't really into the design. Well, last week, with only six episodes to go, I just had to have Winona. She's (hopefully) on her way to me as I write this and I'll be snuggling 'er while watching Peacekeeper Wars in the next few days. :p
  40. Victorious-Jay

    Victorious-Jay Well-Known Member

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    I'm a Tim Burton/Michael Keaton Batman guy. Batman from 1989 and Batman Returns are my passion.

    Star Wars ANH Vader is my second focus

    X-Men 1 Wolverine is my third.

    I dabble in The Punisher

    -Jason M
  41. trooperprop

    trooperprop Well-Known Member

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    Being a dutchman I collect stuff from Paul Verhoeven U.S. / SF movies
    Starship troopers :thumbsup :thumbsup
    Robocop :thumbsup :thumbsup
    Total Recall and yes also Hollowman


  42. hoverboy

    hoverboy Well-Known Member

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    definately Back to the future. :D
  43. crowe07

    crowe07 Well-Known Member

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    My collection mainly focuses on James Bond, Indiana Jones and Star Wars, though there are a few pieces from other films/shows such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Tomb Raider and Dr. Who. I think thats about it...
  44. ob1al

    ob1al Sr Member

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    Star Wars, Lord or the Rings, Jaws, Indiana Jones and Nightmare on Elm Street.

    Mostly. :D
  45. Betamin

    Betamin Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    My miniscule collection of blasters and sabers is ANH style, but I also have a few Star Trek TOS and Enterprise props, though nothing nicer than the AA toys and the Vegas ST experience ones.
  46. damon5973

    damon5973 Well-Known Member

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    Well I have had several foci... I am now the moment with ANH props only..blasters sabers, helmets..but I also collect chewbacca items...I have over 100 different carded loose figs as well as statues, towels, autographs and odd favorite right now is my 12 back german carded chewbacca..a harbert
  47. androidandy

    androidandy Sr Member

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    My main focus has almost always been Blade Runner. Though I also have collections in Alien, Star Wars ANH, Space 1999, Babylon5, some origional Trek stuff, Blade, Batman, Underworld, Brazil 2001 ASO, A Clockwork Orange. I recently(3 years ago) sold off a large Star Wars collection including all my remaining Graphlex. All before I even knew this place exhisted. It seems I focus on movies that start with the first 3 letters of the alphabet. Well Mostly Blade Runner.
  48. bigbaddaddyvader

    bigbaddaddyvader Well-Known Member

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    Anything and everything Star Wars.I know most people knock the prequels but I liked them all particularly ROTS.Most of my original screen-used or production material comes from ANH and most of my replica sabers come from the original trilogy too.
    But Star Wars,beautiful Star Wars,wonderful Star Wars in all it's awe-inspiring,life-encompassing glory........... :) :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
  49. howlingwind13

    howlingwind13 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Well, I'm done building ghostbusters stuff, now it's mostly horror and Getting the Delorean time machine started...
  50. Tee-Kay Nostripes

    Tee-Kay Nostripes New Member

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    Im into Star Wars OT. Mainly into Vader costume props but have made a couple of sabers. Soon to be starting on some trooper bits and pieces and think i will start with a blaster :thumbsup

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