Anyone familiar with this website or this individual? Worried I got scammed...


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I don't want to start throwing around accusations here so don't think I'm accusing this guy, but is anyone familiar with Patrick J. DeLeon?

He runs this website: Atomic Rayguns

He and I had exchanged numerous emails about having a few items molded. Myself providing the castings under the condition he send a few back to me. Long story short I sent the items to him and got one reply saying he received them but nothing after that. I've tried to contact him time after time and never got any reply back. I don't want to jump to conclusions as I understand things happen from time to time but its been quite a while since I sent the items in question.

He didn't sound like the type to skip out but I just didn't know for sure and wanted to see if any other members had dealt with him before.


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First, did you have permission to recast said items? Second, you never got a phone number from this guy?
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