Any news/rumors on what the next DC animated film will be?


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Saw Throne of Atlantis and liked it enough... for an Aquaman movie.

Wondering if there is any word in the grapevine on what the next film will be. They seem to average about 2 a year if my math is right.


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Next one is supposed to be batman vs robin I think, which focus on batman and Damian's robin relationship. In April if memory serves.


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The next 2 animated features are Batman vs Robin and JL: Gods & Monsters, the latter which is not part of the New 52 DCAU.

Considering how the last few DCAU films went, I don't get too excited for these releases anymore.


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I wonder which one they'll premiere at Wondercon this year since they always premiere an animated movie at Wondercon.


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Wish they would do another WW dedicated feature and please no Spew-52 at all costs.
Tired of her always having to be part of JL to just get to see her.


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DC animated were the best thing out there and was something that marvel couldnt match. For me that was cus of the team Of bruce timm. The last few however were without him hence the 52 animated (Still liked em but they were not of the same quality of the older ones, Red hood for example). Prob why he wasnt involved in the first place. Good news is that he is part of the new JL one again tho. Hoping this is the start of more to come from him.
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