Any Blake's 7 experts out there? Teleport Bracelet advice needed


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Any Blake's 7 experts out there? Teleporter Bracelet advice
Hey everyone,

I've been spending some time building Blake's 7 teleport bracelets for myself (I always wanted one as a kid, now my abilities have improved a bit lol).

It turns out when it comes to the 'pink' button that the originals weren't actually PINK, but a transparent 'pink/orange' which showed up totally differently depending on the lighting conditions.

On the right is one I made using opaque pink perspex, and on the left the apparently 'proper' colour....

You can see how orange the one on the left looks, but in reality it's more pink LOL

Here are a screencap (see how they look pink?)

...and a photo of an actual screen used bracelet

So my question is, which way do you think is the right way to go? Personally I don't even know which one I prefer yet lol



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Have been thinking doing one or two of these myself using either PVC tube or acrylic. Personally I'd go with the orangey one. The pink looks way too pink and it looks more orange in the photo of the screen used one. All this of course coming from someone who is colour-blind. (red-green)

I was thinking of embedding small neodymium magnets in the band where it meets to help hold it shut. Even tiny ones would work as they are so strong and could be made to be virtually unnoticable.

I wish I had dimensions for the Scorpio bracelet and Scorpio clip gun. Blue Peter on BBC showed how to make a Scorpio bracelet from cardboard but of course have never seen that. Cardboard could be replaced with aluminium sheet. The same with the clip gun; build Al sheet around a core.


Go to the blakes 7 thread on the eagle transporter forum for some stunning Scorpio gun reference material.


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Google Martin Bower as he made the originals and does the odd run of replicas. The original perspex for the button is no longer made but you should see what he now uses.


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Well I just got the UK releases of the Blake's 7 DVD boxsets and included on the series 1 boxset is the Blue Peter segment with Lesley Judd on how to make a Liberator teleport bracelet and the series 3 boxset has the 1983 Blue Peter segment on how to make a Scorpio bracelet. Yeehah.