Another Tom Baker costume


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I grew up watching Troughton and Pertwee, but loved Bakers incarnation

I always wanted the scarf and finally talked my wife into knitting it for me, it wouldnt be accurate to call it a labour of love, she hated every minute of it lol

The colours..... did some research and it seems when the original footage got transfered tfrom Pal to NTSC some of the colour got washed out in the process.
Color Shifting

First one must understand that Dr Who was a British TV show that was filmed
in the PAL color tv format. When it was sold in the US it was converted to NTSC.
This conversion is not always good on the color and results in color shifts and
washed out colors. One can see this by compairing snapshots with screenshots

So i could have an as seen in the episodes scarf, or the brighter publicity shots version. I actually like the muted colours but went for the brighter one. Like the ones below

I used the season 12 pattern

WhoCos 003.JPG

I went for the frock coat seen in seeds of doom, horror of fang rock etc. Its not quite screen accurate but its recognisable to most people.
WhoCos 001.JPG

The boots are modified pirate boots and again not perfect, but they work with the rest of the costume.

Ive added a few shirts and other pants as well as brown brogue shoes for days when the boots are a bit OTT.

I have some white poets shirts that are almost right, but the lady who makes them for me is doing me a pair of much more accurate ones with cloth ties in the neck and cuffs as per the deadly assassin costume


Ive also made an accurate belt since this was taken


For a proper DW costuming event i shave the beard off, and tuck my hair up under the hat, have taken 1st prize in two events to date.

But if anyone knows of a good wig, Pls PM me. Just cant seem to find one, and i have a larger head (needed the XL indiana jones hat)

Im the same height as Tom, and have as he describes his own "teeth like tombstones" all i need is the hair lol

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Thanks Gothic, looks reasonable, but im dubious about the fit.

Im about 62 cm/ 24 inch's around the head. Ive tried a couple of these wigs via ebay and they just dont fit.

But i really appreciate the suggestion

Im hoping someone in similar circumstances has found a good one , a long shot i know but i figured its worth asking


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no prob, didn't give the head size a thought tried looking again but nothing that style that big. had an idea to get two of the cheaper ones and inserting a wedge patch to extend the circumference gotta be worth a try :unsure



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DAC1.jpg DAC2.jpg

My Doctor Who and the Deadly Assassin costume
New poet shirt in muslim gauze, burgundy trousers and cuff boots.
The sleeves look long because the manniquin doesnt have my shoulders, and no arms either. the cuffs ride up when worn and are hidden beneath the puffy sleeves


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DW1.jpg DW2.jpg DW3.jpg

Victorian high collar shirt with red silk neckerchief, donegal tweed trousers and oxford brogue shoes
Frock coat as seen in horror of fang rock, seeds of doom etc and seal of Rassilon cufflinks
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