Another one bites the dust ^^


Well to my iron man suit Imma put in some speakers so I can replay some qoutes from the moovie,

1 of my favourites is when he fights warmachine at the party.
I´ve managed to convert the speach part "mr goldstein gimme fat beat to beat my buddies ass" ect.. but I cant rip the music since of all the fighting noise. bangs booms ect. so Im wondering if any1 know any place I can download or listen online to that remix of the songs..

Ive searched youtube ect but no luck :cry

Thanks in advance /danny


Since the copy write law allows u to use clips of movies and sounds for educational uses (i should really learn to spell).

If the admins dont mind, is it ok it I put up a link to my iron man mp3 sound files, just incase some1 has a "school presentation" they would need the sounds for :p

Ill check in tomorrow for ur answer and post em if im allowed to

Bump for finding the remix also :cool


here are 3 mp3 format files.

"Yeah I can fly"

"Jarvis u there blablabla" before his first test flight

"goldtien gimme a fat beat to beat my buddies ass"

remember ONLY for "school" /educational use:angel

BUmp for the remix


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Or what you could do, since that was the late DJ AM (RIP buddy) in the scene you could just search for the mashup he did. It was Daft Punk - Robot Rock Vs Queen - Another one Bites the Dust with an intro that wasnt part of the song by Rob Base - It Takes Two. Here is the track.

Another One Bites The Dust Remix (IRON MAN 2) - YouTube

And here is Adam's website

If you need a better copy lemmie know, I should still have a 320kbit/s rip of it

As for copy right laws with Mashups (ive been producing mashups for radio shows/DJs/Clubs/etc...for over 6 yrs) There is a lot of grey areas. Plus DJ AM wasn't the first person to mashup those two songs (in fact there are 100's of versions of that track because its one of the easiest to mashup). At most you'll get a letter from either recording artists lawyers to ask that all use be halted. Ive gotten a few of those lawyer letters but in fact thats what helped get my stuff out there. Thats how Black Eyed Peas heard my stuff then hired me to mashup up a few of their songs for a few events.
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