Another Narin Young Wolf


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here is my rendition of the almost completed Narin Young Wolf, hand painted using fw inks, and i tried the magnet method of attaching parts i have mixed feelings about it, but then again this is my first resin model i have put together. hope you like comments/critiques are welcome.










here are some updated pics to the "critiques"some of you gave me, and yes it is still unfinished.





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Well I don't know that I can do any better since I've never had the balls to put one together and paint myself. I read that this is an 'almost' finished kit, however I'm going to make some constructive comments.

The paintwork is sloppy in areas, the eyes look like Young Wolf saw Rosanne and Rosie O' Donnel naked and went blind, also...his boots/sandals are unfinished as is his bone necklace, of course these might be the portions that you haven't painted yet.

A lot of other areas look bland because they're missing proper coloring, an example is his mouth.

As far as detail goes, I would ad some more spots and try to add in some contrasting colors to make it pop. The base looks like it's mad out of sweet potatoes UNLESS your intent was to make it seem like he is in the desert, in which case I think it actually looks okay. If the desert IS your intent, I'd recommend getting some scenery building supplies and you can throw some sand on that base to make it look like it's been covered by eons of desert sand.

There are also air holes that need to be plugged.

I'll leave it to the masters to chime in, I'm just an ethusiast of the hobby.

I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, but you should take a look at the kit again and with more attention to detail, a steady hand and a well formed color/pattern scheme I think you can put something really wonderful together.
No not hurting my feelings this is my first kit and yes it is almost finished and you pointed out the areas that are most noticeably not finished. And yes the base was painted to look like some arid place.air holes? Where what do you mean? Bland areas? Aside from the base where else? Contrasting colours for spots? I'm assuming from the exclamation marks from rik he wanted to say something but could not find the words?
If this is your first kit, why not buy a cheaper kit and practice on painting.
I mean, get some cheap vinyl kits and experiment.
Don't get me wrong here, but this kit has so much potension.
And I think your very brave to start with a Narin kit.
Keep it up
Air holes, take a look at the base you will see some white spots - those you can fill so that the surface is smooth and even.

Bland areas, take a look at the face. There is no color for his actual mouth (gums) The skin on his face, his gums and his teeth are all the same color.

Regarding the constrasting colors for spots, take a look at the darker skin on his upper arms, you can add some spots in a constrasting color to add more noticable detail.

Look below at this kit by Joe Dunaway, see the spots on this guy's shoulders? They're darker than the surrounding area which makes them more easily noticable. There's the light skin, then a darker area over the outer and upper arm, and within that darker area there are spots which are even darker.

This also works for the weapons, there is a variety of colors on all the weapons, instead of just silver, or gold, and also different shades. Expirement.

Lastly, see that tribal pattern you have on your kit's head? Try doing that but in a spot pattern instead of one solid line, that way you don't have to worry about everything being perfectly parallel. I don't know, I'm just rambling now.

Try no hurt your feelings too! With this !!!!!! !!!.........but just surprise me once looks this paint work. Agree with the coments about your paint job from Bensin and Erwin.
Hope you can find and learn more about predator here in the Lair, in web sites, in books movies etc etc, this will help you to make better paint work, also learn about paints, colors, and tips help you go forward in your next work. practice is good excersite to learn but yes with cheaper kit is better
Wish you the best in next proyect
My sentiments here too.although its his/hers money to do with as they see fit,its just a shame to see this paintjob on a high end kit.these are not beginner kits at least they had the guts to share.and those aren't tribal markings guys,those are shade variants to show depth as best as they could conceive it.its awful,just awful.but does show attn to clean lines breaking up the monotony.maybe a $15-20 recast from eBay would b best to practice on b4 another $200 kit is ruined.also,not something as complex to painting a predator.these things take initial talent then the skill if honing them to b projected onto these.i agree to study dunaways patterns if u wanna stay in this game if painting.otherwise ur just throwing hard earned money away.
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