ANH Vader Helmet Help, color, lenses, etc


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I am going to be working on my ANH Vader lid. I need some help on various things. This won't be the beat up version but a more cleaned up idealized version.

1.) Gunmetal color. I used Dupli-Color T177 Gunmetal gray for ROTJ Vader but the ANH looks lighter.

Anyone got a good rattle can color for ANH Vader?????

2.) Lenses. To me the ROTJ lenses always seemed larger and flatter (Not completely flat like ROTS) than ANH. ANH always seemed more bubble like. However I'm looking at Hi Def pics and ANH lenses look the same as jedi.


Anyone have a good source for Vader lenses other than Fenixprops????

3.) Lower Vent. As near as I can tell it uses the same mesh as the upper vent.

Is that correct????

I'm actually rehauling my ANH helmet right now and have similar questions.

I don't know about the bubbled lens issue. To me, I think it's an optical illusion. Outside the helmet, the lenses look flatter to me than when they are in the helmet.

I'd also like to know where to get a good set of accurately tinted ANH lenses.

On the mesh, it looks to me to be the same upper and lower, but my question is whether the grill mesh should be painted. I've heard it should be left unpainted, but I never see it looking shiny like bare metal. Maybe it should be dulled down, but not black? Help!

Also, I'm not finding accurate looking mesh. The air filter large mesh I have is too large a pattern. Probably would work for ESB and ROTJ, but the way I see the ANH, it looks like a smaller diamond pattern to me. Is there a source for more accurate mesh?
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